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Here’s the deal, folks.

The board game hobby just keeps growing, and in order to keep up with it, iSlaytheDragon needs more people.

Do you enjoy writing? Do you love board games? We’re looking for you.

Here at iSlaytheDragon we write high quality, in depth, honest reviews. We don’t say we like a game just because it was a review copy, but we do like to dig into to what makes a game good or bad, and what sort of people might enjoy it. We take time to share our thoughts, and not just give a rules summary endcapped with a short paragraph of quick thoughts. We also like to inject a bit of humor into what we do, because that’s just how you slay dragons.

Most importantly, we’re a team. We work together, help each other out, and build friendships. Right now it’s me (Wolfie), Jon, Jason, Jennifer, Alex, and Ruel. Time to add your name to that list.

Maybe. No promises.

These are not paid writing positions, unfortunately, but we do offer free games whenever we can, and possibly convention badges and other rewards. Plus, you get to have fun writing about games for one of the best written-review tabletop sites on the internet, and be a part of a great team.

Below you’ll find a neat little contact form. If you’re interested, fill it out. We just need your name and a contact email to start the conversation.

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