Top Ten Signs You’re Addicted to Boardgaming


#10 After ordering games online, you check the ‘track shipping status’ every hour.

#9 All of your business cards are sleeved.

#8 You refer to your children as ‘the keeples.’

#7 All arguments and major life decisions are resolved with dice rolls.

#6 You name your first born ‘Reiner’…even if it’s a girl.


#5 Instead of an allowance for doing chores, you give your kids victory points.


#4 You added ‘Eurogame’ and ‘Ameritrash’ to your spell-checker.


#3 You can trace Troyes to Venice on a map of Medieval Europe, but you can’t get to the Piggly Wiggly across town.


#2 Your favorite pick-up line is, “Hey, baby, let’s say we go back to your place and settle your Catan”…and it works!



And the #1 sign you’re addicted to boardgaming…

Despite taking zero courses in Latin, you still know how to pronounce ‘Agricola.’


I have lots of kids. Board games help me connect with them, while still retaining my sanity...relatively speaking.

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