Wondering what our ratings mean? Let us break it down for you:

We use  a simple 10 pt rating system, based on a variety of factors, including mechanisms, rulebooks, implementation of theme, game balance, and general sense of fun.  For simplicities sake, we always round to the nearest 0.5.

10.0: PERFECT: I would be very surprised if any game got this rating.

9.0-9.9: EXCELLENT: Games with extremely solid mechanical systems, with a great theme (or that are so fun they obviate the need for a theme), no broken rules, no major flaws, very fun.  Knows what it’s trying to do and does is very well

8.0-8.9: VERY GOOD: Solid, enjoyable games that are fun to play.  May not be as tight or perfectly balance, but creates a good gaming experience.  One or two finnicky rules, but nothing is broken.  Or, just a great game that is missing some slight ooomph that prevents it from being excellent.

7.0-7.9: GOOD:  It’s enjoyable, but maybe not the game you’re always going to want to play.  Maybe not as replayable as other games, or just missing a strong hook that really makes it a winner.

6.0-6.9:  AVERAGE:  It’s playable, but there are other games out there that do something similar, but better.  Or it’s a new idea that wasn’t implemented extremely well.  It may have a broken rule or two, but it’s still playable

5.0-5.9: LAME:  it’s technically not broken, but it just isn’t very fun to play.  Lackluster showing.  Mechanics don’t make up for a dull theme.

4.0-4.9: DISTASTEFUL:  It may be a “game” per say, but it’s just not that fun.

1.0-3.9: BROKEN:  Unplayable.  Unfun.  Offensive to humanity.  Stuff like that.

0.0:  HATEFUL: you tried to play the game, but it wasn’t a game.  It was an evil mutation that killed your mother and/or your significant other.