The Village Square: December 16, 2019


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Barkham Horror Is A Real Thing
What started as an April Fools’ Joke will soon be reality. Fantasy Flight Games announced it will be releasing Barkham Horror: The Meddling of Meowlathotep, a “100% real, playable standalone adventure for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.” This 78-card scenario pack takes place in “an alternate universe in which the conflict between humanity and the eldritch forces of the Mythos takes a back seat, and the conflict between dogs and cats takes center stage.”

Gloomhaven is getting an expansion, according to PC Gamer, and is “being touted as Gloomhaven 2.0 and sounds a bit meatier than your typical expansion. A sequel, really. It’s the size of the original game, with 16 new characters, more than 25 new enemies and more than 100 new items [and w]ith 100 scenarios.”

More Exit: The Game
W. Eric Martin reports that KOSMOS has sold 4.5 million copies of its Exit: The Game series and that more are on the way, including a series aimed at beginning escape room players.

The Big Book of Madness Expansion
According to the ACD Distribution blog, IELLO is publishing an expansion for the Big Book of Madness called The Vth Element Expansion. “The expansion The Vth element introduces a new Book of Madness, more challenging than ever. Face new terrifying monsters and discover new mechanics.” It’s scheduled to hit retail shelves on January 23rd.

Unconventional Convention Thoughts From AEG
AEG’s John Zinser shares his thoughts on the major gaming conventions, from a board game company’s point of view. “Compensate volunteers.  Try not to over work them.  Give them time to enjoy the show.  Think about sleeping arrangements in a way that all volunteers are comfortable with whom they must spend this time with.”

Ravensburger Profile
The Seattle Times recently profiled the Ravensburger North America headquarters in Seattle. “Ravensburger North America has been thriving in Seattle since the 2017 acquisition of Wonder Forge. The Ravensburger parent company was founded in 1883 in Ravensburg, Germany.”

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