The Village Square: December 2, 2019


Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend. What board game deals did you score? Share them with us on our Twitter! And don’t forget to check out our Holiday Gift Guide for your board game shopping needs.

Fallout Shelter: The Board Game
Fantasy Flight Games will release Fallout Shelter: The Board Game in the first quarter of 2020. Per the company’s website, “Fallout Shelter is a worker-placement game that puts you in charge of the various Vault Dwellers in your underground utopia beneath a post-nuclear world. You’ll start every game with two Pip-Boy bobbleheads, representing the Dwellers you personally lead as an officer. While two may seem like a small amount, with careful planning you can facilitate the repopulation of our great nation and increase your number of Dwellers up to seven.”

Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy: Roll & Write
The card game Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy has a roll-and-write version hitting retail shelves in January. According to the ACD Distribution blog, “The roll and write plays 1-99 players for the ultimate food truck dice rolling competition. Your route, timing, and game plan will be critical to maximize your profits and your opponents will try to spoil your sales.”

Towers of Arkhanos Expansion reports that IDW Publishing will release the Silver Lotus Order Expansion of Towers of Arkhanos this January. “This expansion adds a new magic school, the Silver Lotus Order. The new school allows players to have a fifth player join the game, and build taller 3D towers. This expansion comes with new Floor tiles to increase variety to the base game, which is required to play.”

Station Master Returns
Calliope Games is bringing back the classic card game Station Master. It’s been fully funded on Kickstarter and estimated delivery is May 2020. According to the Kickstarter page, “We have restored this timeless train game, creating stunning all-new artwork based on classic locomotives, railcars, and railroad history.  In addition, we have refined and streamlined the rules for modern audiences, as well as adding in upgrades and new material.”

Toy Hall of Fame Announces Finalists
Among the 12 products announced for the latest Toy Hall of Fame class, one has a special place amongst gamers. Dice Tower News reports that Magic: The Gathering will be honored and quoted curator Shannon Symonds: “The fact that it continues to maintain popularity is a testament to its revolutionary gameplay and constant evolution, making it engaging for beginners and experts alike.”

Asmodee Releases New Board Game Apps
Asmodee Digital announced via Twitter three new apps based on popular board games: Takenoko, Dream Home, and Gang of Four.

Gale Force Nine Designer and Sculptor Passes Away
Miniature designer, sculptor, and mold maker Lizzie Willick passed away recently due to cancer, according to “Willick’s design work included a number of  Battlefield in a Box pre-painted terrain sets, and Battlefront’s buildings for Flames of War and Team Yankee.  Aside from terrain, she also designed Gale Force Nine’s display tables, including the Underdark cavern for the launch of the Dungeons & Dragons Collector’s Series.”

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
December 6-8. PAX Unplugged. Philadelphia, PA

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  1. Asmodee is also releasing Terraforming Mars on mobile on Wednesday. It’s been in beta for a while.

    That Fallout Shelter game looks really interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to talk me into buying it. I’d love to play it sometime and find out, though.

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