A Big Huzzah!


Today is a special day.

Around here at iSlaytheDragon we’re always pushing out new ideas, new ways to grow.  From our beginnings as a miniscule blog written by one guy (that was me!) about completely random things sometimes related to gaming, we’ve grown and expanded and grown again.  This is thanks in no small part to you, our readers, who have stuck with us or found us only just recently; your comments and interactions and readership have made it worthwhile to keep going, to struggle through the tough times and to keep trying new things.

We’re still small, but our reach continually grows and we have grown far beyond what I thought possible.  We’ve grown in readership, we’ve added new writers, we’ve expanded our content to include news and discusssions as well as reviews.  We’ve even just recently launched our own webseries which has been well received and hopefully that will continue to grow and flourish as well.

Today is special in that it marks the beginning of a new chapter in iSlaytheDragon history. We’ve added two more writers to the team who will be helping us keep up with our awesome content while we tackle all the things we want to tackle and still stay sane.

So please, welcome with me our two new team members, Meghan and Jennifer.  Today is Meghan’s first review with us and you’ll see Jennifer’s next week.

I am extremely pleased that these two have agreed to join up with us.  Their excitement for board games and the quality of their writing will ensure that iSlaytheDragon will continue to grow and flourish in the board game community. I’m also thrilled that the addition of two women to the team will add diversity to our site that we sorely need.

Adding more team members will allow us to focus our efforts. We will be able to make everything we do the best we can do it.  Since we’re all in this for fun and we don’t get paid, it helps that no one person has to shoulder the effort of daily posts or reviews and constantly playing new games to keep up with a packed review schedule. This means that Under the Table will continue, that our News will go on as useful as ever, that we will continue to post daily reviews and articles, and that you’ll see an even wider variety of games.

This is the first major step in a number of changes we’ll be undergoing in the next few months.  We’ll keep you updated as we go.



Futurewolfie loves epic games, space, and epic games set in space. You'll find him rolling fistfuls of dice, reveling in thematic goodness, and giving Farmerlenny a hard time for liking boring stuff.

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