Episode 5 – Farmer Lenny’s Top 7


Join us as we discuss Farmer Lenny’s 7 most very favorite games. We discuss, heckle, and pontificate on the the games he holds most dear. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

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Games Mentioned:

7. Ginkgopolis – Xavier Georges published by Pearl games in 2012. 1-5 players. 321 overall BGG rank

6. Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King – Andreas Pelikan, Alexander Pfister published by Lookout games in 2015. 2-5 players. 153 overall BGG rank

5. El Grande – Wolfgang Kramer, Richard Ulrich published by Hans im Gluck in 1995. 2-5 players. 55 overall BGG rank

4. Concordia  Mac Gerdts published by PD Verlag in 2013. 2-5 players. 22 overall BGG rank

3. Ra  Reiner Knizia published by alea in 1999. 2-5 players. 134 overall BGG rank

2. Dominion  Donald X. Vaccarino published by Rio Grande Games. 2-4 players. 72 overall BGG rank

1. Glory to Rome – Ed Carter, Carl Chudyk published by Cambridge Games Factory. 2-5 players. 150 overall BGG rank




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I love board games. The more esoteric, the better.

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  1. Very enlightening, indeed! Is this an indication that we may see MORE Top 7 lists in future podcasts? (or HEAR them, as it were) Love what’s come thus far. Keep it up!

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