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Fans, we’ve heard you.

Our giveaways are often limited to the US and/or Canada only, thanks to the cost of shipping, not to mention all the paperwork.  However, thanks to some generous donations by wonderful game companies, I’m happy to announce that we’re doing two additional giveaways.

Colt Express has been provided by Esdevium Games to be awarded to one of our UK fans. This prize is eligible only to those who live in the UK, or have a UK address at which they can receive the game.

Three Kingdoms Redux was originally provided by Starting Player Games, but they let us know that they can ship outside the US. So, we decided to shift this prize off of the main giveaway and create a WORLDWIDE contest for this one.  UNLEASH THE FLOODGATES!

The contest ends next tuesday, February 16, at 11:59pm.

Please enter the appropriate contest below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. It was about time! In all other giveaways We EU-tizen were feeling very discriminated, like watching a party from the outside knowing that we are not welcome there 🙂
    Just joking, but yay for world-wide things 🙂

  2. My game of the year would actually be an expansion – Ticket to Ride, UK and Pennsylvania. I’d thought that after 5 expansions they’d be getting stale – but this one is really good. It’s back to 2 maps per box, and both of these ones are interesting, excellent ones.

    UK adds a lot to the complexity, but makes for a fascinating game, and Pennsylvania has a simple change – the shares – that totally change the game.

    If I had to choose a game, though, rather than an expansion, I’d suggest Mission Red Planet 2nd Edition. It’s beautiful, simple to teach, and yet complex enough to be fascinating. Shame I keep coming last, though.

  3. My favorite game of 2015 was Dead of Winter. Great game with or without the betrayal. Tension and co-op always a hit with the game group!

  4. My favourite new game to me of 2015 was the re-issue of Samurai – been waiting years to own a copy and get it to the table. My favourite game of 2015 that I’d already played but enjoyed playing more of was Coup.

  5. My favorite 2015 release was the Gallerist. I also quite enjoyed Isle of Skye and Mombasa. I imagine I would love Food Chain Magnate, but haven’t had the opportunity yet.

  6. My favorite of 2015 is Mage Wars Academy. Been wanting to jump into the series since the original version first came out but could not pull the trigger because I know the excessive play time will put my gaming partner off, so I am glad they released a version with much shorter play time.

  7. Favorite Game of 2015 is Lignum. I placed it as my unofficial game of the year due to the limited print run that sold out immediately. my game of the year for 2015 was La Granja

    • And to answer the question – My favorite games are Dead of Winter and Sheriff of Nottingham!
      Something about those bluffing/deceptions games gets me!

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