The Faces of oddball Aeronauts 2


Prepare to meet the oddest and cutest bunch of dirigible riders this side of the Middle Seas. oddball Aeronauts 2: Double the Trouble is a standalone expansion that comes packed with a colorful cast of characters. I’ve already reviewed the base game and talked about what’s new in Dragon’s Peak. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to some of the residence of the oddball realm. These whimsical and fantastic illustrations from oddball Aeronauts 2 are brought to you by the talanted Lloyd Ash Pyne. Enjoy and make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign which runs through Friday, December 5!


Free Kingdoms

oA2 - Free Kingdom Captains

[quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 1[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 2[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 3[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 4[/quarter]


[quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 5[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 6[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 7[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 8[/quarter]


[quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 9[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 10[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 11[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 12[/quarter]


[quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 13[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 14[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 15[/quarter][quarter]oA2 Free Kingdoms 16[/quarter] [full][/full]



oA2 - Mechinauts Captains

[quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 1[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 2[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 3[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 4[/quarter]


[quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 5[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 6[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 7[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 8[/quarter]


[quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 9[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 10[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 11[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 12[/quarter]


[quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 13[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 14[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mechinauts 15[/quarter][quarter][/quarter] [full][/full]



[quarter]oA2 - Mercenary 1[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mercenary 2[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mercenary 3[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Mercenary 4[/quarter] [full][/full]



[quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 2[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 4[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 3[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 1[/quarter]


[quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 5[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 6[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 7[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 8[/quarter]


[quarter][/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 9[/quarter][quarter]oA2 - Snowtide 10[/quarter][quarter][/quarter] [full][/full]



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Head on over to oddball Aeronauts 2 on Kickstarter for even more antics!

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