The Village Square: April 6, 2015


Last week we asked all our faithful Twitter followers if they had any questions for our team. @BlackLocustGames wanted to know our “Favorite genre and game?”. What did everyone have to say?

Storytelling games! Tales of the Arabian Nights and Agents of Smersh are my favs in that genre.

Genre: Steampunk. Game: Marvel Dice Masters w/ Star Wars LCG 2nd – & yes, I know neither are Steampunk! 🙂

Deduction games are my favorites at this moment! Digging Sherlock Holmes consulting detective and LFW!

Genre: auction Game: Ra

Genre is space, I love space. Game is probably Twilight Imperium

Genre: Engine/Tableau building, Game: Race For the Galaxy

I enjoy eating sheep and burning things. Does that count?


Community Talk

While the rest of the team was busy tweeting about their favorite games us adventures were busy chatting in town. Here are some of the interesting conversations we had.

It isn’t too common in the board game world, but every so often a popular game sees the release of a second edition. I’m not talking about a new expansion or an anniversary edition with upgraded components – though that happens. I’m talking about a complete reworking of the same game…

When this happens, some gamers grouse that now they have to buy their favorite game again. That it’s just a ploy for the company to make more money and for fans to buy the same content.

Does a Second Edition Invalidate the First?
Giant Fire Breathing Robot

Today I’m here to talk to you about playtesting your designs. But before we get into all of that, I want to go over the golden rule of playtesting your designs: Do not get defensive about feedback. Ever. Playtesters are donating their time to help your design. If they have negative feedback that feedback is about your design, not you. It can be difficult to separate your feelings for your creative work from your feelings about yourself. But know that you are not your design and your self worth and value are not defined by the designs you put in front of playtesters.

Playtest, Playtest, Playtest
Whose Turn Is It Anyway?

Okay, first off, this article does not have the next big idea in gaming in it. I mean, it might be here, but only by accident. So don’t go looking for a secret formula here, because if I had that, I wouldn’t give it to you, I’d just go get rich all by myself.

Unlike in any other industries, board game industry is friendly place. It’s not only friendly in terms of social aspect, in terms of us being kind to each other, us inviting new people to the table and being welcome to other people. It is friendly also on this other level, on the level of creation. Nor Marcel-Andre Casasole sued Faidutti. Cathalha did not sue Konieczka… There is no patent war. In a fact, there is quite the opposite. There is ongoing brainstorming, ongoing process of creativity, process of taking great ideas from other designers and creating something new.

Worldwide Brainstorming
Boardgames That Tell Stories

It’s a new Dominion expansion! Some of you knew it was inevitable; some of you hoped it would happen; some of you were glad it wasn’t going to. It’s happening though, I am so sure of it that I am previewing cards from it.

Adventures has a ton of cards, so I am previewing three a day. Each day but today the cards will fit a theme, showing off a different functional aspect of the set – Reserve, Duration, Events, tokens.

Preview 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Dominion: Adventure Previews
Donald X. Vaccarino

See everyone next week right back here at the Village Square!

Games On Our Table

Play 2015-Apr-6 - Fields of ArleFields of Arle – My weekly play reports are getting very familiar. Are you sick of hearing me talk about Fields of Arle yet? Tough! I’m participating in @piquergaming‘s solo challenge and we just completed the first round. There’s some excellent analysis of play data so far with much more planned for the coming week. My favorite game so far was one where I focused on animals to see how many I could get. After several iterations I ended with 57 animals on my very crowded farm.

Play 2015-Apr-6 -Roll For The Galaxy#100Rolls Update – I’ve foolishly taken on the challenge of playing Roll For The Galaxy 100 times in 2015, it’s going pretty well. This week I played one game with my parents who are in town visiting. Hopefully we’ll get some more games in while they’re here. Looks like I’m well on pace to make it before the end of the year. Even if things do slow down there’s the potential to get an expansion in Q4 to pick up the slack. It’ll get here this year, right? RIGHT?!??! Current total: 36/100

I love optimization and engine games with tableau builders and card driven ones being my favorite. This usually means medium-heavy euros and medium-light card games.

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