The Village Square: February 23, 2017


Principal photography begins on Han Solo standalone
A development probably missed by no one that reads this column. But Woody Harrelson in a Star Wars movie?!  Cheers, mate!

Golden Geek Awards
You can now vote for Board Game Geek’s 2016 Golden Geek Awards!

The madness continues
Fantasy Flight will release a new expansion to Eldritch Horror next quarter. Cities in Ruin introduces new investigators, monsters, encounters and now a Disaster Deck. Which doesn’t sound pleasant.

Z-Man Games will bring the tower defense cooperative game with lots of ways to “level up” to North America.  The 2nd quarter release has a dragon on the cover, so #Kenith should approve…as long as the dragon wins.

Cryptozoic goes Rick and Morty
The board games, trading card and collectibles company is partnering with Cartoon Network to produce two games based on the Adult Swim animated series – each specifically inspired by two separate episodes! Not know anything about the show myself, from reading the description, the designs sound very, um, unique.

USAopoly launches new division
The company announced that Project Raygun will focus on collectibles and games that “tap into our nostaglia.”  Expected to begin releasing product this fall with collectibles, so far there is no word on specific games, but that is the effort’s mission, so…

The “choice paradox,” Part 1
Scott Thorne begins an examination of how consumers gravitate to what everyone else is watching/listening to/playing despite the mind-numbing array of choices we have to pick from today in movies, television, music and games.

Ten Commandments of Games Design
Brett Lowey is in the midst of presenting and discussing his ten rules to consider when designing and producing board games.  Although maybe not every single command is universal for every design goal, it offers plenty to think about and apply in most efforts.

Anatomy of a Kickstarter
Interesting look and examination from a source not traditionally associated with the hobby. One story in microcosm about a board game’s successful Kickstarter campaign. Of course, now the work’s really just begun!


Upcoming Board Game Conventions
February 24-26. Fire & Ice Gaming Convention. Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
February 24-26. Gamicon Iron. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
March 2-5. SaltCON. Layton, Utah.
March 3-5. GAD-Con. Aberdeen, Maryland.
March 17-19. MeepleCon. Las Vegas, Nevada.
March 23-16. Adepticon. Schaumburg, Illinois.
March 31-April 2. Protospiel. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
April 7-9. Gaming Hoopla. Gurnee, Illinois.
April 7-9. Protospiel. San Jose, California.
April 22-23. QC Game Fest. Davenport, Iowa.
April 27-30. Kingdom-Con. San Diego, California.
May 12-14. CMoN Expo. Atlanta, Georgia.
May 18-21. Geekway to the West. St. Charles, Missouri.
May 25-29. Game Fest 29. Atlanta, Georgia.
May 26-29. Gamex 2017. Los Angeles, California.
May 26-29. KublaCon. San Francisco, California.
June 14-18. Origins Game Fair. Columbus, Ohio.
July 5-9. Dice Tower Con. Orlando, Florida.
July 15-17. Protospiel. Manchester, Michigan.
July 22-30. World Boardgaming Championship. Champion, Pennsylvania.
August 17-20. Gen Con 50. Indianapolis, Indiana.
August 25-27. Coulee Con. La Crosse, Wisconsin.
September 1-4. Gateway 2017. Los Angeles, California.
September 1-4. Pacificon Game Expo. Santa Clara, California.
September 15-17. Protospiel. Chicago, Illinois.
November 17-19. PAX Unplugged. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Visit for more convention listings.

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