The Village Square: June 17, 2019


I didn’t get out to Origins this year, but it’s been fun following all of the excitement via social media.

Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures
The OP (USAopoly) announced Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures, a cooperative deck-building game. “Using The OP’s Mensa Select-winning game mechanic that allows players to experience a progressing storyline, Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures features six boxes of cards, each representing a different movie from the treasured property.”

Origins Award Winners; Vlaada Chvatil in Hall of Fame
Winners of the annual Origins Awards were announced, with Root winning Game of the Year, and The Mind pulling in Card Game of the Year. Also, Vlaada Chvatil and his game Mage Knight were inducted into the Hall of Game. Visit the link below to see more of the winners.

Robotech Crisis Point
According to Dice Tower News, SolarFlare Games has announced Robotech: Crisis Point, a “head-to-head 2-player game in the Robotech universe. The players are fighting for control of the Earth, using hand management, area control and bluffing mechanisms in order to do so.”

Luma Games to Distribute Horrible Games
Also from Dice Tower News: Luma Games will take over Horrible Games distribution in North America. Potion Explosion, Dragon Castle, Railroad Ink, and others currently distributed by CMON will be done by Luma as soon as the current stock sells down.

Castles of Burgundy
BoardGameGeek tweeted a mock-up photo of The Castles of Burgundy anniversary edition and also noted that the game will be published in the U.S. at BGG Con in November.

Gloomhaven on Steam
Boardgame Babylon reports that Gloomhaven will be available on Steam on July 17.

Twilight Imperium Updated Rules
Fantasy Flight has released the latest rules update to Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition.

Rolled West
The Cardboard News crew offered a sneak peek at Rolled West, a roll-and-write game based on Gold West.

R.I.P. James Mathe
Highly regarded tabletop industry veteran James Mathe passed away last week. Jamey Steigmaier wrote on his blog about Mathe: “[T]he game industry was one of James’ greatest loves, and he wanted to make a positive impact on it every day. He was a consummate entrepreneur, yet he still gave so much of his time to make the game industry better as a whole.”

More on Tariffs
Scott Gaeta of Renegade Game Studios discussed the tariff situation. “Making hard decisions like cutting games we love isn’t fun but making a business decision that assures we are a healthy company is what separates the publishing hobbyist from the professionals in this industry. It’s easy to let your passion for a game cloud your judgement but even without tariffs you should not be producing games that don’t make good business sense.”

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
June 21-23. RageCon. Reno, NV
June 22-29. Consim World Expo. Tempe, AZ
July 3-7. Dice Tower Con. Orlando, FL
July 12-14. Gem State Gaming Convention. Boise, ID
July 19-21. KantCon. Overland Park, KS
July 20-28. WBC. Champion, PA
August 1-4. GenCon. Indianapolis, IN
August 16-18. Coulee Con. La Crosse, WI
August 24-25. MaricopaCon. Phoenix, AZ
August 30-September 1. GrandCon. Grand Rapids, MI
August 30-September 2. Gateway. Los Angelos, CA
September 5-8. Buckeye Game Fest. Columbus, OH
September 6-8. Lone Star Game Expo. Grapevine, TX
September 20-22. AppleCon1. Cornish, ME
September 27-29. Falcon 2019. Stamford, CT
October 4-6. TokenCon. Oklahoma City, OK
October 11-13. FlatCon. Bloomington, IL
October 11-13. CinCityCon. Cincinnati, OH.
October 25-27. Cardboard Caucus. West Des Moies, IA
October 31-November 3. Gamehole Con. Madison, WI
November 8-10. MACE. Charlotte, NC
November 14-17. Midwest GamesFest. Independence, MO
November 20-24. BGG Con. Dallas, TX
November 21-24. Chicago Toy & Game Fair. Chicago, IL

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