The Village Square: June 25, 2018


And the winner is…
We just talked about awards season, and one of the bigger accolades were just announced last week at the Origins Game Fair.  Winner of best game was Gloomhaven, but some other titles brought home honors in other board, card and role playing game categories!

Sim city-ish…
Develop a district of the Polish city Warsaw beginning in 1600 on through the present day in Warsaw: City of Ruins from North Star Games.

Probably not the final…
White Wizard Games’ massively successful Star Realms: Frontiers Kickstarter has now resulted in the expansion set releasing to the general public in July. With new bases and ships and solo/co-op modes, the set can be added to previous ones for games of 1-4 players.

There’s gold in them thar vaults…
Gale Force 9 will release a new Dungeons & Dragons board game in August titled The Vault of Dragons. While certainly full of fantasy trope and typical adventuring, the design is more like a D&D Ocean’s Eleven as you head a crime syndicate sneaking into a dragon’s vault and absconding with as much gold as you can!

The world is on the line…
It’s Zim and the Almighty Tallest vs. Dib and the Swollen Eye as the former tries to destroy the Earth while the latter attempts to thwart them! The small card card from IDW releases in September and is based on the cult favorite animated series and part of the publisher’s recent partnership with Nickelodeon.

A glimpse…
Plaid Hat Games begins its preview of the fourth clan, the Leaf Clan, for their upcoming Crystal Clans release.

A designing interview…
An interview at CMON with developers and designers Eric Lang and Rob Davaiu about their ongoing work with Cthulhu: Death May Die and all of its ups, downs, snags and progress.

A New Accounts Manager for Warlord Games. Fancy you a salesperson?

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
July 4-8. Dice Tower Con. Orlando, Florida.
July 12-15. HistoriCon. Fredericksburg, Virginia.
July 13-15. KantCan. Overland Park, Kansas.
July 21-29. WBC. Champion, Pennsylvania
August 2-5. GenCon. Indianapolis, Indiana.
August 24-26. MegaMooseCon. Richburg, South Carolina.
August 24-28. Coulee Con. La Crosse, Wisconsin.
August 31-September 3. Gateway 2018. Los Angeles, California.
September 8-9. WashingCon. Washington, D.C.
September 13-16. Buckeye Game Fest. Columbus, Ohio.
September 14-16. GrandCon. Grand Rapids, Michigan.
September 21-23. Protospiel Chicago. Chicago, Illinois.
September 27-30. Hurricon. Kissimmee, Florida.
October 5-7. Council of Five Nations. Schenectady, New York.
October 5-7. Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous. Great Falls, Montana.
October 5-7. TsunamiCon. Wichita, Kansas.
October 12-14. CinCityCon. Cincinnati, Ohio.
October 12-14. FlatCon. Bloomington, Illinois.
October 13-14. Congress of Gamers. Rockville, Maryland.
November 1-4. Midwest GameFest. Independence, Missouri.
November 8-11. Gamehole Con. Madison, Wisconsin.
November 9-11. ConQuest Avalon. Sacramento, California.
November 9-11. U-Con. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
November 15-18. Chicago Toy & Game Fair. Chicago, Illinois.
December 27-30. CAP-Con. Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit for more convention listings.

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