The Village Square: June 3, 2019


The Game Canopy Deep Space: Live on Kickstarter! (Sponsor)
Remember all those times trying to find a bag big enough to carry the oversized and heavy games from your collection, only to become so frustrated that you ultimately left them home? Introducing our newest member of the Game Canopy System – The Deep Space! Now you can carry all those Big Box games and anniversary editions to your game nights. We designed this bag with enough space to pack an entire week’s worth of games so you don’t have to play Rock Paper Wizard to decide which games have to be left behind. The first. The best. The Game Canopy System.

Begin the journey anew
A new core set is now available for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game from Paizo. The new set provides a fresh adventure path for the cooperative card game in The Curse of the Crimson Throne, and it’s fully compatible with previous sets and expansions.

Secret life?
Releasing in August, IDW Game announced a family version of their popular abstract Seikatsu, A Pet’s Life. Rather than birds and flowers in a garden of the former version, players now place animal and pillow tiles around a living room.

Not Snowdonia…but close
Lookout Spiele’s 2-player Foothills will premiere at Essen Spiel ’19. The card-activated action selection design is about building railroads beneath the peaks of the Welsh Snowdonia Mountains.

A spooky preview
The OP, nee USAopoly, posted a preview of IT: Evil Below Board Game. Based on the Stephen King classic and releasing this Fall, players must survive a series of chilling encounters against evil Pennywise himself!

Cardboard escape
Premiere this Essen Spiel, Board & Dice announced the new entry in their Escape Tales series, Low Memory. With more riddles, stories, and characters, you need not have played the previous entry, Awakening.

Murder in the cards
Modiphius announced they will release Agatha Christie: Death on the Cards this Christmas. The social deduction card game pits players working sort of cooperatively to discover which one is the murderer, while everyone else is trying to keep their own dark secrets hidden.

Family gaming
What to consider when introducing the hobby to family…or just setting up the time? This article discusses some ins and outs and helpful tips.

New from Asmodee
The giant publisher announced a new studio, Gamegenic, to produce premium gaming accessories such as dice, sleeves, storage boxes, mats, and etc.

Looking for work?
Indie Boards and Cards is seeking a graphic designer for imagining visuals and bringing them to creation and production.

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
June 12-16. Origins. Columbus, OH
June 21-23. RageCon. Reno, NV
June 22-29. Consim World Expo. Tempe, AZ
July 3-7. Dice Tower Con. Orlando, FL
July 12-14. Gem State Gaming Convention. Boise, ID
July 19-21. KantCon. Overland Park, KS
July 20-28. WBC. Champion, PA
August 1-4. GenCon. Indianapolis, IN
August 16-18. Coulee Con. La Crosse, WI
August 24-25. MaricopaCon. Phoenix, AZ
August 30-September 1. GrandCon. Grand Rapids, MI
August 30-September 2. Gateway. Los Angelos, CA
September 5-8. Buckeye Game Fest. Columbus, OH
September 6-8. Lone Star Game Expo. Grapevine, TX
September 20-22. AppleCon1. Cornish, ME
September 27-29. Falcon 2019. Stamford, CT
October 4-6. TokenCon. Oklahoma City, OK
October 11-13. FlatCon. Bloomington, IL
October 11-13. CinCityCon. Cincinnati, OH.
October 25-27. Cardboard Caucus. West Des Moies, IA
October 31-November 3. Gamehole Con. Madison, WI
November 8-10. MACE. Charlotte, NC
November 14-17. Midwest GamesFest. Independence, MO
November 20-24. BGG Con. Dallas, TX
November 21-24. Chicago Toy & Game Fair. Chicago, IL

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