The Village Square: March 11, 2019


Golden Geek nominations open
Board Game Geek is now soliciting nominations for the Golden Geek Awards.

New week, new Talisman
The OP announced the next version in their Talisman system, Batman Super-Villains Edition, in which players take on the role of the Dark Knight’s enemies, lurking through Arkham Asylum to subdue Batman and release the rest of the inmates!

Bright dice
Renegade Game Studios announced the May 2019 release and pre-order of Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky. The roll-and-write design is a follow up to their award winning tile-laying game of the same name.

There be…you guessed it!
In April, Grey Fox Games releases Book of Dragons, a versatile system of 40 Tarot-sized, beautifully illustrated dragon cards with rules to over 25 different games from top flight designers like Martin Wallace, Jonathan Gilmour, Gil Hova, Mike Fitzgerald and more.

Isla Nublar
In May Ravensburger releases Jurassic Park Danger! The Adventure Strategy Game. As visitors hit the new theme park island, chaos ensues! Just like the movie. One player plays the dinosaurs on the loose hunting the other players taking on characters from the movie.

I, robot?
Floodgate Games’ 3 Laws of Robotics releases later this month. The quick social deduction game tasks you with finding out which faction and rank you are…since you only know everyone else’s identity!

Join the Gatewatch
Wizkids’ new Mafia style social deduction game set in the Magic: The Gathering world will release in June.

Short circuited?
Plaid Hat Games announced Quirky Circuits, a pre-programmed movement game of characters with special abilities. Through 21 scenarious of increasing intensity, get your robot buddy to complete its task first before your battery runs out.

Publisher news
Board & Dice have announced pre-orders for their upcoming April release of Inuit: The Snow Folk. The card drafting, tableau building game tasks players with wisely developing an Inuit village.

Publisher news
Daily Magic Games announced that designer/developer Levi Mote and developer/editor/convention runner Sarah Philips have left the publisher to devote efforts to their own company, Creator’s Companion, on a full-time bases.

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
March 15-17. BFGcon. Frederick, MD
March 22-24. ConQuest. Sacramento, CA
March 22-24. Who’s Yer Con. Indianapolis, IN
March 27-31. AdeptiCon. Schaumburg, IL
March 28-31. GameStorm. Portland, OR
March 29-31. Arizona Game Fair. Mesa, AZ
April 5-6. DayCon. Dayton, OH
April 5-7. Lexicon. Lexington, KY
April 12-14. Mepacon. Scranton, PA
April 12-14. Pikes Peak Gamers. Manitou Springs, CO
April 26-28. Gaming Hoopla. Mundelein, IL
May 10-12. QC Game Fest. Davenport, IA
May 16-19. Geekway to the West. St. Louis, MO
May 23-27. KublaCon. San Francisco, CA
May 24-27. Gamex. Los Angeles, CA
May 30-June 2. Atlanta Game Fest. Atlanta, GA
June 12-16. Origins. Columbus, OH
June 21-23. RageCon. Reno, NV
June 22-29. Consim World Expo. Tempe, AZ
July 3-7. Dice Tower Con. Orlando, FL
July 19-21. KantCon. Overland Park, KS
July 20-28. WBC. Champion, PA
August 1-4. GenCon. Indianapolis, IN
August 16-18. Coulee Con. La Crosse, WI
August 24-25. MaricopaCon. Phoenix, AZ
August 30-September 1. GrandCon. Grand Rapids, MI
August 30-September 2. Gateway. Los Angelos, CA
September 5-8. Buckeye Game Fest. Columbus, OH
October 11-13. FlatCon. Bloomington, IL
October 11-13. CinCityCon. Cincinnati, OH.
October 31-November 3. Gamehole Con. Madison, WI
November 8-10. MACE. Charlotte, NC
November 20-24. BGG Con. Dallas, TX

Visit for more convention listings.

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