The Village Square: March 30, 2015


We had a busy week including an excellent article on Thematic Games by FutureWolfie and a journey to the Dragon’s Peak. But let’s see what everyone else has been up to this week!

Community Talk

It looks like I beat all the adventures back to town. Time to find some citizens to eat, I mean chat with!

Today, I wanted to share some basic things I think are a part of my muscle memory. The hope, is that by taking advantage of this muscle memory to quickly move past the basics, you can more easily start work on the hard part – crafting unique mechanisms, experiences, and balancing your game!

From a game design point of view it’s relatively easy to fool a player, at least on their first play through. The factors that players will associate with importance are relatively well documented (and easy to derive through playtesting) so it’s possible to make an element look important when it isn’t. Humans are terrible at cumulative probability, so often you can make an option look more powerful than it really is. A designer has the opportunity to mislead players about their games, so the question becomes: Do you want to? If so when and for what reasons?

Philosophy of Lies
3DTotal Games

Why do game designers use cards, dice tiles or cubes in their games?

Each style of randomizer offers different design advantages. Here’s a summary of each.

Inspiration has a best before date. Pass it and it’s gone, burnt out on imagining instead of doing. You can still see your idea, but you can no longer feel it the same way.

We need to do things while we’re passionate about them.

It appears that Gen Con may soon be uprooting from its home in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gen Con Owner and CEO Adrian Swartout has issued a letter to Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) urging him not to sign into law Senate Bill 101, controversial legislation.

As a resident of Indian it’s been wonderful to see the gaming community rally in support of IndyCon. I look forward to attending no matter where it ends up.

Games On Our Table

Play 2015-Mar-30 -Roll For The GalaxyRoll For The Galaxy – You know that moment when everyone’s staring at the game shelf trying to decide what to play next? That when I suggest some Roll! Continuing along with my 1×100 challenge I got in games 34 & 35.

Play 2015-Mar-30 - Russian RailroadsRussian Railroads – This is one of my favorite games that I don’t own so when it got suggested after Roll I was on board. I concentrated on getting extra workers while making steady progress on the Trans-Siberian (top) railroad. Some people don’t like the snowballing scoring but I find that to be one of Russian Railroads’ charms.

I love optimization and engine games with tableau builders and card driven ones being my favorite. This usually means medium-heavy euros and medium-light card games.

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