The Village Square: November 19, 2018


The successfully crowdfunded John Carter of Mars role-playing game will hit retail in February of 2019. The lavishly produced, pulp action, sci-fi 2D20 system from Modipheus allows players to explore the amazing dying world of the red planet in all of its glory as presented by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Pixie dust
More RPG news! Spectra will release Fairies also in February. The d10 based system pits players a fairies in both adventures and misadventures in the 21st century. Pre-order now.

Ah, election years!
Renegade Game Studios announced Revolution of 1828 available in April of 2019. If you thought manners were rude in Trump’s time, dig into the history of the volatile election for America’s seventh president in this Stefan Feld strategy design.

Snake Oil!
North Star Games is distributing 2018 Kennerspiel des Jahres winner The Quacks of Quedlinburg to North America this month. Push your luck to gather ingredients to make the best quacks medicine and dupe the villagers!

Sneak peek
A preview of IDW’s Wayward…more specifically Rori, one of the main characters.  The cooperative board game of teens discovering new supernatural abilities and based on the comics from Jim Zub will release in February 2019.

Cardboard to digital
Mossbark Games announced they will port the hit card game Morels digitally. The electronic adaption of the two player game about hunting and cooking mushrooms – originally from Lantern Games – should be available this month.

Digital to cardboard
Asmodee announced they will develop a board game based on the Netflix series Black Mirror…specifically one episode. Nosedive! It will be a social game design and integrates with an app.

Grab it while you can
Portal Games announced a unique Loot Box for pre-order and delivery in December. The package of goodies includes special mini expansions to popular titles like Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers, Cry Havoc and more. The deal includes shipping. While the offer is limited in quantities, all of the mini expansions will be available later…just individually and not at such a sweet deal!

In case you live under a rock…
Fantasy Flight’s KeyForge is now available. The highly anticipated and controversial card game from Richard Garfield offers limitless combinations in its unique creation and production.

Tongue firmly in cheek
I don’t normally post Kickstarter news in the Village Square, but this tongue in cheek design piqued my interest. River Horse Games announced they will be developing Krowdfunder! The Game! That’s right! It’s a game all about creating a game and getting it funded. You might need to add those stretch goals, to reach the right audience, too…wink, wink!

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
December 27-30. CAP-Con. Atlanta, Georgia.

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