The Village Square: November 5, 2018


Brightly flashing
Neon Gods is now available from Plaid Hat Games. Draft a gang for control of the streets in this unique blend of deck building and area control from Isaac Vega.

How high can you go?
Wizkids announced K’uh Nah to release next March, a quick playing push-your-luck card game of Mayan temple building.

I see board games
Pandasaurus Games announced new mid-weight strategy game Dead Man’s Cabal to release in June 2019 in which you are necromancers raising the dead for a posh soiree.

New Panda
Pandasaurus Games also announced that hit designer Jonathan Gilmour has joined their team as Head of Game Development.

Long name, short game
Strawberry Studios announced a new title, Little Monster That Came for Lunch and Stayed for Tea. While long-sounding, the cute fast-playing design is a card-drafting, racing game with variable powers.

Magical feats
Osprey Games announced they will release Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: A Board Game of English Magic in June 2019. Based on the popular Susanna Clarke novel, players will travel Europe working to become the most celebrated magician while foiling the plans of the gentlemen with the thistledown hair.

Another one joins the ranks
Some former game developers from Gale Force Nine, including founder John Kovaleski, have announced the creation of their own gaming design and publishing company, Monster Fight Club.

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
November 8-11. Gamehole Con. Madison, Wisconsin.
November 9-11. ConQuest Avalon. Sacramento, California.
November 9-11. U-Con. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
November 15-18. Chicago Toy & Game Fair. Chicago, Illinois.
December 27-30. CAP-Con. Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit for more convention listings.

I have lots of kids. Board games help me connect with them, while still retaining my sanity...relatively speaking.

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