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Yes, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! However you celebrate, it will probably involve some parts family, food, fun, time-off, and hope. Of course, giving is a big part of the festivities. If you need some ideas in that department, be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide. Better yet, receiving is an additional benefit of the season! Sure, we all wish for peace and goodwill towards men. Luckily for those in our hobby, it just so happens that board games have been scientifically proven to foster both peace and goodwill.* So to that end, which title or two tops your wish list this year? Is it a chance to add that older classic you’ve always eyed for your collection? Maybe it’s an expansion that you’ve been reluctant to spend your own money for? Or are you aiming to reel in the latest hotness?

My two boys have asked for (and will receive…shhh…) Stone Age and The First World War. Cory, my laid-back budding Euro gamer, enjoys playing the former with me on Yucata and some time ago expressed the opinion that we must have a copy of our own (of which I agreed). Brendon, my military history buff, devours any war game and is particularly fascinated by World War I (again, I share similar sentiments). What about the old man? Well, I included Quarriors to appease our dice fixation; Summoner Wars: Master Set to meet our 2-player needs; and the classic Alhambra for those times when we’re looking for a more relaxed experience.

So, what are you hoping to unwrap?

*I’m sure I saw this study from some big German university once upon a time…

I have lots of kids. Board games help me connect with them, while still retaining my sanity...relatively speaking.

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  1. Stone Age is a fantastic board game. It’s one game that makes the case for physicality. The components are fantastic, and it’s just so much fun to roll the dice.

    For me, I’m hoping for Escape and Reiner Knizia’s Samurai. I think Escape would be a blast with my niece and nephew, and I’m slowly collecting games by RK (at least the ones that look good).

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