FDQ: What Game Is on Your Radar?


Conventions, blogs, and BGG—they seem like an endless source of inspiration (and temptation). This leads to today’s FDQ: What new game is on your radar? Or, if not new, what game is at the top of your wish/to-play list? Answer in the comments!

@FarmerLenny answers:
As a huge Dominion fan, I’m obviously pretty stoked about the new Donald X. Vaccarino titles, Nefarious and Kingdom Builder, to see if lightning struck twice. (Admittedly, Kingdom Builder’s name is lame.) I’m also pretty curious about Ora et Labora from Uwe Rosenberg. I love Bohnanza, Agricola, and At the Gates of Loyang, and this one—combined with a theme that interests me—is one I will follow with interest.

As for games on the to-play list, Fresco is at the top. It looks like a beautiful game, an interesting twist on worker placement. I’m quite excited about trying Glory to Rome—with schnazzy new art! I had avoided the older version because of the kiddish artwork, but I kickstarted the black box edition. I am anxious for its arrival. And thanks to The Card Gamer, I’m pumped to try out Ra. If any of you have a copy and are holding out on me…

@Futurewolfie answers:
This is pretty easy for me to answer.  Rex is the number one title I’m looking forward to right now. As a huge fan of Cosmic Encounter and the designers of that game, I’ve had my sights on the impossible-to-find-if-you-don’t-want-to-spend-hundreds-of-dollars Dune game for a long time, so imagine my excitement when I learned it was being re-released in a new form in the Twilight Imperium universe. Incidentally, though Twilight Imperium isn’t new, I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, so it’s also high on my want-to-play list.

I also really want to get my hands on Star Trek: Fleet Captains. I’m a huge Star Trek fan, but as there have been a number of pathetic excuses for star trek games milking the franchise, I was apprehensive. After trying it at Gencon, though, I found it to be excellent.

Apparently I really like Space-themed games.

See, Nemesis, I can put in a bunch of random hyperlinks too!

I'll try anything once, but my favorite games are generally middleweight Euros.

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  1. With Essen coming up soon there are a ton of new games that I’m interested in. I feel like 2011 has been pretty disappointing so far for me as far as new games are concerned. Hopefully this next batch of games will bring in some winners. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and especially BGG a lot of companies are putting up various previews and even full rules to get us excited about these games.

    I’ve got my eye on a couple dozen games and chances are I’ll wait for others in my group to pick them up first so I can try before I buy, but I’m excited none the less.

    Some of the games I’m eager to try out are:

    Tournay – I didn’t care much for Troyes but I’m a sucker for a good card game and this one looks great.

    Kingdom Builder – This one reminds me slightly of Through the Desert, one of my favorites. Having Donald X. Vaccarino as the designer got me interested and from my read through of the rules I was intrigued by the simplicity.

    Trajan – A new Stefan Feld game always has me interested. I was a little wary at first due to the Mancala mechanic seeming a little gimmicky but after reading through the rules it actually sounds very clever.

    Mage Knight Board Game – I’ve been reading the previews that have been posted on BGG lately and this one sounds very cool. I haven’t played a good adventure/monster killing game in a while.

    Funkenschlag: Die ersten Funken (The First Sparks) – I love Power Grid but it can be hard to get to the table because of the play time and mathiness. Having a quicker playing version could be just what I’m looking for.

    Honorable mentions – The City, Race For The Galaxy: Alien Artifacts, Dominion: Hinterlands, Thunderstone: Heart of Doom, and Quebec.

  2. @Snuggles: I forgot about The First Sparks. I loved the one game of Power Grid that I played, but I don’t know how often I’d get to play it since it takes a while. The First Sparks might solve that.

  3. I’m also looking forward to Trajan, the mancala mechanic might be a little gimmicky, but it still looks like a fun game.

    There’s a game from Bellwether Games called “Over a Barrel” that’s still in beta mode, but shows some promise

    Quills also looks like a fun game (despite the horrible art treatment it got from Cambridge Games Factory). It mixes Word Game strategy with a Poker like run/set mechanic that could be worthwhile.

  4. Power Grid isn’t THAT long. My group can finish a game in 2 hours, but we are all familiar with it. I just bought the Japan/Russia expansion and I can’t wait to try the new maps!

  5. Games & Grub: I’m interested in seeing your progress in the Over a Barrel playtesting. It looks interesting, and I really like Drop Site.

    Nate: It’s hard to find people to play a 2 hour+ game, as it typically requires an extracurricular gathering of geeks. But I’d probably make more of an effort to convene such gatherings if I had Power Grid to play at them… Ninjato does look interesting; I’m unconvinced about Panic Station.

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