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Greetings, dear readers, loyal followers, and you who just happen to be stumbling on this post.

We need your help!

We here at iSlaytheDragon have a passion for helping new people find their way into the world of gaming.  We review games so that people have an idea what will be fun and what to stay away from, so they don’t get burned.  We talk about games and the gaming world to put ideas out there into what makes fun fun and what might make the gaming world better.  And we’ve got a few more things in the works.

One of those things involves making it easier to find a place where you can not only buy games, but try them, get good advice, and participate in a community: yes, I’m talking about the FLGS.

We are collecting information to build a database of [hopefully]every hobby gaming store in the United States.  Hopefully we will be able to turn this into a resource to make it easier for people to find stores near them that carry the great games we all know and love.

But in order to do that, like I said above, we need your help.  I can’t travel across the country searching for every gaming store.  I just don’t have the time.  Among other things.

But collectively, we can gather all the information we need.

If you know of a gaming store near you – a store specializing in tabletop games (board games, card games, RPGs) – you can add it to our database by filling out this form.

Right now we’re just collecting and storing the information, but we’re working on a way to make it easy to search for stores near you and see what kinds of products and services they provide.  Just fill out that form with everything you know or can find out and send it in.  Give us as much info as you can, but don’t worry about filling in every detail – hopefully, between the lot of us, we’ll collect all of the information.

Please, if you could as well, share this link with people so they too can fill out their own favorite FLGS stores. This only works if we find as many stores as we can all across the country.

Thanks for your help.  And happy gaming!

-Jonathan Wolf

PS here’s the URL for the form:

Thanks again.

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