Friday QOTD: Do you play more RPGs or Board Games?


So what is it? Which hit the table more often, RPGs or Board games? Do you have a preference?

For me, my group’s kinda gotten out of sync with our RPG nights and we’ve been doing a lot more board gaming lately, which is fine by me.  Sometimes I don’t know which I prefer more.  I love the epic adventure feeling of participating in an RPG, but I love the simpleness and wide variety, as well as the pick-up-and-play abilities of board games.  I also have a significant amount of success in getting my wife and family to try board games where I have absolutely none with RPGs. And that’s okay.

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  1. RPGs all the way for me!! Sure, it takes a while to get things going and requires time and patience for it to happen, but I can’t get enough of RPGs!!!! Even with the infinite possibilities with DnD there’s still CoC and SR and others that I must break into.

  2. Boardgames for sure. In fact, my group use to be all about the RPGs. D&D, White Wolf (just about all of their games), Call of Cthulhu, Conspiracy X, Shadowrun, if it was an RPG we played it.

    As we got into graduate school and started getting jobs, though, the GM (usually me) just didn’t have the free time anymore to create really great stories. So we started playing board games on nights where the GM was unprepared. And, with that as a safety net so that there wasn’t this deadline to have a story by game night, boardgames creeped more and more into our play sessions.

    Eventually we had so much fun doing that, and it required so little prep time (other than one person, usually me, reading the rule book) that now we do board games almost exclusively.

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