Fight for Olympus – Gen Con 2016


What is it? 1 on 1 card game tug-of-war battle for, you know, control of Olympus.

The deets: 2p, 30min?


Publisher: Mayfair games

For the two player fans out there, Fight for Olympus pits you and your armies of Greek deities against your opponents’ in a fast paced tug-of-war.

On your turn, you play cards on your side of the central board in one of six different slots, but you have to pay for those cards by discarding other cards. You’ve got soldiers and upgrades and a few other special cards to work with.

Soldiers like the Myrmidons!
Soldiers like the Myrmidons!

If you place your card directly across from an opponent’s card, you’ll do battle at the end of your turn. If you place it across from an empty space (or manage to kill the opposite card with other abilities), you claim the special bonus of that slot.

One of the slots grants you an extra card draw, which is extremely useful given that your cards are your currency. The next two slots are for extra resources, which you can use instead of cards when paying to play something. Unfortunately, there’s only one token of each resource type, so you can’t count on that for a bountiful supply.

The last three slots are for Olympus itself. For each unopposed card, you move the score tracker a point in your direction.

There are two ways to win. If you can bring that score tracker to the far end (I think about 7 points in your favor) closest to you, you win. Or, if you fill every card slot on your side of the board and can destroy every single one of your opponent’s cards in play, you win.

This is your battlefield. Like, at the start of the game. Before you play anything. I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures, okay!
This is your battlefield. Like, at the start of the game. Before you play anything. I didn’t have a lot of time to take pictures, okay!

Our demo was pretty short – we had to rush off to meet with someone – but it seemed like an interesting game of hand management. It’s tough to discard cards that are useful so you can play something else, but from what I saw every card is useful. It’s a matter of deciding what’s most useful, when it’s useful, and where to put it.

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