Gen Con 2017: Crossfire


There’s no shortage of quick-playing hidden role games, but what’s wrong with one more?

In Crossfire, two-ish teams are tasked with opposing goals. The agents must protect the VIP, and the assassins are trying to kill the VIP. Depending on the number of players, you might also have a Bystander who just doesn’t want to get shot, and a few decoys who want to get shot. Each role has a specific win condition listed on the card.

Roles are dealt out to each player. They look, and then pass the role card to their left (and everyone gets to look again). Then, going around the table, roles are shuffled between three players at a time.

A sand timer is flipped, and everyone has three minutes to make accusations, claims, and deduce who they think is who. Everyone has seen at least 2 role cards, possibly three, which helps narrow down the information. In addition, when the sand timer is flipped everyone “declares” a role by orienting the back of their card to a specific role – either agent, VIP, bystander, or undeclared. While this declaration can be changed, the initial declaration might give some clues. Or maybe not.

Once three minutes are up, everyone points a finger gun at another player, Cash & Guns style. Only certain roles actually have guns to shoot with, though, so roles are revealed. Agents shoot first, then Assassins (if they’re still alive). Then you see who wins!

Crossfire is short and sweet, and provides a bit more information than your average hidden role game. That you’ve seen at least one other player’s role and have a smaller range of players to fit that role in, you have a better chance of having some decent guesses. On the other hand, you only have 3 minutes to argue.

This game is basically Cash & Guns meets One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Oh, and when you’re tired of the basic roles, there are a whole bunch of special roles you can use to switch things up, like the Sniper who is trying to kill all the assassins or the Bomber who kills everyone else if he isn’t shot.

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