Gen Con 2018: Archmage


How do you prove you’re the greatest wizard in all the land? Well, by casting the most awesome spells, of course. Also, domination over the land helps a bit as well

A magic circle!

And how do you do that? By wandering across the land, acting all mysterious, collecting relics and recruiting followers, who you can then use to control land tiles or bump up your mastery of spells. There are 6 sources of magical power, each with its own type of spells; but to level up your spells, you’ll need to combine two sources of power. To get to level 3, you’ll need to mix two of those spells. You’ll have to decide if you want to have a lot of weaker spells or just a few mighty ones.

Along with harvesting relics for magical power, you can also build yourself a tower, which is probably the most important thing a mage can do. Then there’s fighting; conquer other mage’s followers to take their land, but be warned; attacking someone grows their Blood magic more quickly, allowing them to retaliate.


Each player plays until their planets align  – there’s basically a turn tracker that uses Planet tokens that all move toward the center – at which point they take their last turn and score their points. Each spell is worth points, and you also gain points by having majority control of each land type. Whoever has the most points becomes the archmage and gets to live in the ominous archmage tower at the center of the world! Everyone else just has to settle for their wimpy little non-Arch mage tower.

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