Gen Con 2018: Escape Plan


Although Escape Plan just wrapped up its kickstarter, a brief overview of the game was available with the components all set up.

The premise of the game is interesting – you’ve completed a heist, and now you’ve got to get your treasure and get out of town before you get caught. It’s each player on their own, but you’re not without resources to get yourself around and get out.

Actions, equipment, bribery, reputation. It’s all here.

With a 3-day countdown, you have secure locations where you’ve stored your loot, but the more you try to take with you the longer it takes to get out, and the more you have to step around the police. Fortunately you’ve got gangsters you can hire, disguises, and all manner of tools to keep a step ahead of the fuzz. You can also try to get the police after the other players to slow them down.

The winner is the player who gets out of town with the most loot, but the longer you take to get out the more it costs just to escape, and you might not make it out at all.

The whole idea attempts to capture the feel of a classic heist movie, and I hope it succeeds.

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