Gen Con 2018: Super Star Destroyer


Alas, they didn’t have any demos, and information is pretty sparse. But maybe you just want to gaze at it a bit, so here we go:


Here’s what I know: it’s huge. It has 6 firing arcs instead of 4. It can fire 3 times instead of 2. It costs, at minimum, 220 points.

I have to imagine there will be special rules for setup. This thing is so big there’s no way it could turn around in the standard playing area, and most of us don’t have tables big enough to bump up the space. I’d also imagine variants with larger fleet costs, given that 220 is more than half of the standard 400 points which doesn’t leave much room for any other ships or squadrons.

I’d also imagine that this baby can 1-shot just about any other ship on the table. So. Many. Dice.

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