It’s friday. How about a question for y’all!


In the spirit of “expanding the conversation” and all those fun marketing terms, today’s question is:

What is your most memorable encounter in any RPG?

For me, it could be that time when our party was out to recover some sort of orb, which was guarded by a mindflayer, which was way beyond our characters to handle.  But then Bryan’s character (name forgotten, sorry bryan!) managed to kick the mindflayer out the window… sending him falling to a much simpler death.  Phew!

Or it could be that time when the party was out to rescue the wife of my character, Obre, from a big ol’ fortress.  The climactic scene involved Obre teleporting from room to room to escape Lord Krugdhaxal who was trying to steal some knowledge from Obre’s brain, while the rest of the party battled guards in the underground prison that was, incentally, protected by rows and rows of towers casting magic missile every turn.  Eventually we figured out that there were amulets being worn by the guards that protected from the towers, and we all managed to regroup and Obre teleported everyone away from the fortress, one by one, before an entire army of guards overwhelmed us all.

Leave your story in the comments!


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  1. So many good role-playing memories. D&D and White Wolf games were big among my friends through High School and College.

    One of the best was a Dark Ages Vampire storyline where one of the characters took on the shape of a local lord. While keeping the gentry in the dark, he also worked to incite a rebellion against the lord (I forget why). When the rebellion finally came and the landed aristocracy turned to their “lord” for aid, he shed his disguise and turned on the horrified nobles.

    Of course, we have some awesome memories from Paranoia, too. Now there’s a game where something memorable happens almost every time. We’ll never forget the FRUBA gear (Fairly Reliable Underwater Breathing Apparatus).

  2. There’s bunches a stuff that i would love to share but what takes the cake is when my half-ling sorcerer, Milo, sticking to a high wall took his newly acquired Staff of Necromancy to obliterate a large group of orcs with a frightening Circle of Death spell. The scorching mass of destruction was so frightening that some of the party went temporarily insane. Soon after, Milo was actually tricked by a certain Obre and Eberk into giving them the staff after which they shattered figuring such an evil weapon did more harm than good (which, for the record, i still strongly disagree with but i think they were just playing character).

  3. Probably the greatest moment is when we were leading a false dwarf pilgrim of Moradin to his sacred mount; then he reveals himself to be some undead abomination. Eberk totally grabs him before he can reach the deity, Obre teleports the abomination a minute into the future while the rest of us all plan on how to take this guy out.

    @Chipathingy Sticking to character is of course all about roleplaying, sorry for ruining your awesome staff though Lawful Good paladins are annoying as they are strict to their code and beliefs.

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