Things I Learned This Weekend…


This past weekend I traveled to be with my family and to meet my new niece. This doesn’t sound like a recipe for gaming, but here are a few things I learned:

  • From Wits & Wagers I learned that I didn’t pay enough attention in history class. And my school’s “knowing dates is not important” philosophy did not help me along the path to victory.
  • From The Resistance I learned that my wife will throw me under the bus whenever the first hint of doubt is cast on me.
  • From Money I learned that my mild-mannered mother should join in currency trading and exchange.
  • From Money I learned that I should not.
  • From Incan Gold I learned that I’m the dead guy Indiana Jones would learn from in order to leave with the treasure.
  • From my two-year-old niece I learned that a cat piano and an “angry face” are all that’s necessary for a good time–games are not always required.

I'll try anything once, but my favorite games are generally middleweight Euros.

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  1. Ha! little kids are the best at games! Not so much in the following rules sort of way, but more so in the flexibility they have to change the rules of their games until they find it fun.

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