You Will Want To Play Armyland After Seeing This


This past couple of days has been a flurry of activity as I finally recieved my latest prototype in the mail for Armyland, and subsequently managed to get a few solid playtestings in.  I’m happy to say that there is much progress, and much fun to be had with the game.  Still a few things to be ironed out, but its definitely to the point where the clothes are pretty much sewn, its only the wrinkles that need to be smoothed out.  (See how i did that with the ironing metaphor?)

Anyhow, without giving away all my game-design secrets, attached are some photos of the game in action.  Taking into account that this is, after all, still an extremely limited prototype… hopefully this sparks your interest.

Without further ado… enjoy.  You can view each image at a large size by, you know, clicking on it and stuff.


Meet the overland map.  This is where Armies travel around the land.  of Armies.


Meet the Army Grid.  This is where your Units are placed and where they interact during battle. Stackable for space-saving efficiency.

Each Army Grid can hold 6 units, in this formation.  This picture shows army marker cards, which track which Color and Army a Unit belongs to – which is very helpful once they start getting mixed up in battle.

 Here are a couple Unit cards.  These cards are your base units, but can be given weapons, armor, items, and sometimes even be combined with other units to make them unique and powerful.

 Upgrade cards. Spells are just one type of upgrade you might get.

Meet the Battle Grid.  Here we see 2 opposing Army Grids combined in battle.  The grids lock together forming the battle area.

The overland map is small because once battle starts, that’s where the game happens.  Here you can see blue and green armies locked in battle, with their battle grids lined up for some real combat! You’ll also notice a crapload of dice.  You may need them.

 The battle grid grows as more players join in.  Yes, that’s right – combat is not limited to 1 on 1.  When an Army enters the fight, its grid is added in the appropriate location.  Battles can get huge.  And crazy.  And fun. And yes, every card currently has the same image.  Not because they’re the same Unit, but because I’m still working on getting some art done for the cards.  It could happen.

That’s in for now.  There’ll be plenty of updates in the future. In the meantime, enjoy.


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