News Bits: 11/26/2012


Thanksgiving is over. Here is this week’s news to feast on.

Golden Geek winners announced [Link] The only surprising thing here is that so few games won. King of Tokyo took three awards? Eclipse took two? Netrunner took two? Anyway, congratulations to the winners.
Derek Thompson of MeepleTown interviews Dominic Crapuchettes (Wits & Wagers) [Part 1, Part 2] I think Derek Thompson is among the best board game interviewers out there, and this interview is a real treat. He asks great questions about penetrating the mass market (part 1) and talks more specifically about North Star’s games in part 2. Definitely worth a read.

Fantasy Flight Games posts rules to the Star Wars LCG [Link] True to the slow drip of information before a major release, FFG has posted the rules. The game should be available in December, I believe. Just in time for Christmas. Now if only those Hoth expansion packs were arriving before Christmas.

Sotheby’s to sell famous Backgammon board [Link] Regal is the only word to describe this. Well, maybe expensive, too.

Theology of Games interviews Eric Lang (Star Wars LCG, Midgard) [Link] This is another interesting interview with Eric Lang, primarily about the new Star Wars LCG from Fantasy Flight Games.

Tasty Minstrel Games launch special for Noblemen [Link] For Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and as a launch special for their new Euro Noblemen, Tasty Minstrel is offering an awesome deal: get the game for $39.95 shipped. Unfortunately, I don’t have $40 at the ready, but you might. They are also offering a 50% discount on Train of Thought and Jab: Realtime Boxing.

CoolStuffInc’s Cyber Monday deal: 10% off everything [Link] Title says it all. Free shipping at $100.

Fantasy Flight Games’s holiday sale runs through December 3 [Link] I’m not too interested in any of these sale titles, but you might be!

In case you missed it… Our contest to win a copy of Donald X. Vaccarino’s Infiltration (our review here) is still going. We also posted our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, and hot on the heels of King of Tokyo’s many victories at the Golden Geeks, @Futurewolfie wrote a review.

Kickstarters of Note

Not too much on Kickstarter has my attention right now. Here’s what’s there:

  • Sentinels of the Multiverse: Shattered Timelines: Greater Than Games is perhaps the hardest-working indie publisher out there, and this is the newest Sentinels-related item they’ve cooked up. It funded in 4.5 hours, and is already on its way to a lot of awesome stuff. (Also, their quote about international shipping is awesome…and unfortunately accurate.) $30.
  • Moongha Invaders: This was once a grail game by Martin Wallace; now it’s on Kickstarter. I suppose $60 is cheaper than the grail prices, but it’s too rich for my blood. Yes, that’s $60.
  • City Hall: This game looks interesting to me, and I’ve heard good things through Unpub and other sources. It’s a game of running for the office of mayor and all the backstabbery that that entails. $50.
Completely Unrelated Awesomeness of the Week
What, Thanksgiving wasn’t enough for you? Okay, okay. Well, no link for this, but what I thought was awesome was teaching my eight-year-old nephew and six-year-old niece how to play Carcassonne…and then promptly losing to them both. I also lost at Incan Gold (no surprise) but beat them at Black Sheep. That’s right: I’m putting the Farmer back in @FarmerLenny.

I'll try anything once, but my favorite games are generally middleweight Euros.

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