News Bits: 1/7/2013


The first News Bits of 2013! Happy New Year (almost a week late). Here’s the news:

Iello Games hints of new Richard Garfield title [LinkIello Games tweeted that a new Richard Garfield Game, Ghooost, will be available in the U.S. in February. This is the first I’ve heard of this game, so I don’t know much about it (and its BGG page is sparse). Nevertheless, this will be one to watch, especially after King of Tokyo, from the same designer and publisher, has been winning so many awards.

Hyperbole Games offers a preview of what to expect from indie designers in 2013 [Link] Grant Rodiek has put together a nice list here, with a lot of games I hadn’t heard of. 2013 is looking to be a great year in the indie design space.

Bellwether Games interviews Jason Tagmire (Pixel Lincoln) [LinkI realize that posting a link to an interview you haven’t read is like giving a speech on the differences between the Lord of the Rings movie and book when you’ve not read the book (college, anyone?), but I trust Bellwether Games. And while I’ve not read the interview, I’m sure it’s full of good stuff. And I will read it next week, I promise.

Theology of Games and Board Game Reviews by Josh review the Star Wars LCG [Theology of GamesBGJoshNo commentary here; just what it sounds like.

Dice Hate Me chooses his game of the year [LinkI’ve not played the game he chose for game of the year, so I can’t comment too much on it, except to say that it’s surprising. I suppose I’ll have to check it out. (I have, however, played his best discovery of 2012–For Sale–and it is one of my favorites. You can see our review of it here.)

January math trade up on Board Game Geek [LinkLooking to get rid of your board game equivalent of a fruitcake or Christmas sweater? Math trades are great for that. Basically, a math trade uses a complex algorithm to make as many trades as possible. You list whatever you’d be willing to accept in trade for your item, and the computer (hopefully) finds you a match, usually along a winding and complex path. Math trades are a game in themselves, and I’ve enjoyed them quite a bit. New to math trades? Here’s a tutorial. Games can be added through January 9.

A Christmas card from Berlin
[Link] I ran across this late, but it’s too good not to share. It was posted by Jeffrey Allers (Piece o’ Cake, Alea Iacta Est) to The Opinionated Gamers. My favorite excerpt (and what resonated with me after trying–and failing–to play a new game at Christmas): “At the end of my life, I don’t think it will matter how many of the “Hot 100” games onBoardgameGeek I’ve managed to play, or how many times I’ve played them. It won’t even matter how many games I’ve introduced to others or given away as gifts. However, if someone was able to tell me that the time I spent with them at the game group meant something to them, that the community they experienced helped get them through a difficult time in their lives, or especially, that they came to understand the true meaning of the Christmas I celebrate, then that would be far more satisfying for me.”

Kickstarters of Note

  • Pirates vs. DinosaursI don’t know how I missed this one before (maybe it’s because genre mash-ups don’t excite me much), but this game looks kind of cool. The art, at any rate, looks well done. $55 gets you the game.
  • Hegemonic: Another epic space game. This one looks pretty good, and I’ve liked Minion’s track record in the past. The buy-in is high at $69, but this includes the print-and-play files early. This has already been funded.
Unrelated Awesomeness of the Week
This week I got to try out Jamaica from designer Sebastien Pauchon (Jaipur, Yspahan). I’ve really appreciated this designer’s games because they usually come with terrific artwork, interesting themes (not always interesting names…), and a unique way to use a common component. In Jamaica’s (and Yspahan’s) case, this final element is a unique way to use dice. Anyway, I had a blast playing Jamaica. A review will come after I play it several more times.

I'll try anything once, but my favorite games are generally middleweight Euros.

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