News Bits: 8/26/2013


Lots of good stuff this week, including gamers’ recaps of Gen Con. Also, be sure to check out our contest (you could win Spyrium, Sentinels of the Multiverse: Enhanced Edition, or Jungle Speed). And now, the NEWS:

Gamers recap Gen Con [Link] Yes, it’s true: if you were on Twitter and not at the con, you realize that everyone you knew in the hobby was probably in Indianapolis. And now all the recaps are rolling in. Kim Vandenbroucke of The Game Aisle has done a fantastic job rounding up the coverage. Check out her website at the link above. And if you want to read our perspectives, Wolfie and I wrote recaps last week. 

Designer Scott Almes (Kings of Air & Steam, Martian Dice) begins blog [Link] One of his first posts is on pitching to publishers, and there’s good information inside.

The cost of a board game: time [Link] This article from Nothing Sacred Games continues their look at the development of Corporate America. Their timeline is in the two-year range from conception to publication; I know others have followed a much longer path. (Glory to) Rome wasn’t built in a day. In any case, this is an interesting read.

Alderac teases new Smash Up faction [Link] Cyber gorillas, maybe? Weird, but then, there is already bear cavalry… I like seeing the new factions, even if I’m kind of cool on the game. (But Wolfie definitely isn’t, so there’s that.)

A guide to Chinese board game manufacturers [Link] This is a great resource if you’re planning to print a board game. In depth and thorough information.

MeepleTown interviews Lukas Litzsinger (Android: Netrunner) [Link] I’ve not played Android: Netrunner, but as a former CCG player, I found this interview on LCG game development fascinating. I trust you will as well.

Another US-only math trade launches [Link] This one is very quick–games should be listed by this Thursday, wish lists submitted by Monday, with results soon to follow. Math trades, again, are great ways to track down games you can’t get in direct trades (as usual, direct trades are best). If you don’t know what a math trade is, check out this tutorial. 

Last week on iSlaytheDragon [News Bits, FarmerLenny’s Gen Con wrap-up, Futurewolfie’s Gen Con wrap-up, Hey, Froggy! review, Fill the Barn review, The Agents preview, Black Sheep review, Guide to gaming with kids, Spyrium/Sentinels/Speed giveaway] Last week was a superpacked week, with almost two posts each day. We’ll be back to a regular full week posting schedule this week, but do go back if you missed out on anything–we posted a lot of good stuff last week. Keep slaying!

Kickstarters of Note
Lots of stuff launched this week. Here’s what looks interesting to me:

  • Click Clack Lumberjack: This is a repackage of the game Toc Toc Woodman (which, actually, my wife and I have been enjoying quite a bit lately–here’s my review). $17 can get you this fun party/dexterity game.
  • Tessen: I’ve been closely watching the development of this game from Cardboard Edison. It’s a speed game (like Dutch Blitz) but with strategy as well. $12 gets the game.
  • Ancient civilizations Catan bits: This one is technically on IndieGogo, but these bits look too sweet not to share. $45 to add bling to Catan.
  • King’s Forge: I’ve not played this one, but it looks awesome…at least if you like rolling fistfuls of dice at a time. (I do.) $39.
  • Fleet: Arctic Bounty: Lots of people seem to love Fleet. I’ve not played it. The expansion is up now on Kickstarter, and you can get the base game and promos through the same campaign. $25 for just the expansion.
  • Gunship: Afterburners: Here’s an expansion to the super successful Gunship game (earlier funded on Kickstarter). $35 for the expansion.
  • Conquest of Orion: I have a soft spot for card games, and this one looks good. $19.
  • Belle of the Ball: It’s always an event when Dice Hate Me Games launches a new Kickstarter, and this is no exception. The art looks great, as usual. $25.
  • Havok and Hijinks: Cute dragons and a great tagline–“Don’t slay a dragon; be one”–make this worth checking out, even if we take issue with the tagline. $15.
  • Smash Monster Rampage: No, this is not the Antoine Bauza game Rampage (coming soon from Asmodee), but this is definitely within the genre. This is a cooperative game of trying to bring down the monster. $35.

What We’ve Been Playing

  • Rialto: I had a chance to play this game twice over lunch this week, and both games have continued my Stefan Feld losing streak. (Yes, folks, I have not yet won a Stefan Feld game. I am shamed.) In the first game, I was far in the back; in the second game, I lost by three points, and I thought of one play I could have made differently that would have tied me for the lead (of course, I would have lost the tiebreaker–stupid doge track). All of this to say, I continue to enjoy this game despite the naysayers. It’s primarily a hand management game strapped onto an efficiency point-salad machine, but hey, I’m not complaining. I’m sure a full review will come eventually. (FarmerLenny)
  • Lost Cities: The Board Game: I got this in the Gen Con math trade. I had bought it for my sister for Christmas because my wife and I really like the card game. Well, she raved about the board game, so I thought maybe I should find a copy on the cheap. However, after playing this game with my wife, we both agreed that the card game delivers a similar (and better) experience at a fraction of the time and setup. I’m not sure what about the board game didn’t click for us, but it wasn’t nearly as tense, and we just didn’t enjoy it more. (There also wasn’t as much tension in the discard piles as there usually is in the card game.) We’ll likely keep it around for a while (mostly for the kiddos), but this isn’t a game I’m crazy about. (FarmerLenny)

I'll try anything once, but my favorite games are generally middleweight Euros.

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