News Bits: 8/6/2012


The Donald Discusses Dark Ages
No, not that Donald. The other Donald. The big name in board games. The one who just won his second Spiel des Jahres. Starting today, he is previewing cards from the new Dominion set, Dark Ages. Here is the first preview. I have to say, I get unnaturally excited at the release of each new Dominion set, and this one is no exception. (Dark Ages will release at GenCon…and I won’t be there [that’s more incidental and not really news].)

TableTop Hits Target Demographic
Geek & Sundry, the online geek sensation, has signed an agreement with Target stores to promote games featured on TableTop in the retail giant’s stores. I was just there on Saturday, and already Settlers of Catan had a large green box around it. I also saw a blank spot where Star Trek Catan would eventually appear. Preparation.

Digital Ticket to Ride Gets More Maps
Last week I mentioned the release of Ticket to Ride: Europe for iDevices. Now comes the Legendary Asia map, which will be available as an in-app purchase.

Kickstarter Projects of Note

  • Flash Point: 2nd Story: I didn’t buy the first Flash Point: Fire Rescue, but I was so, so close. I’m close again. But this one only has three days left. Various buy-in options ($65 game & expansion/$15 expansion)
  • Stack It!: $25 for one copy, $50 for three
  • Shadowfist CCG: This was one of the first CCGs I played, and apparently it’s back. Various buy-in prices.
  • The Great Heartland Hauling Co: This one looks like great fun, and the price seems super reasonable. It has almost reached its goal. Come, stretch rewards! $25

Completely Unrelated Awesomeness of the Week
This week’s awesomeness isn’t completely unrelated, I guess. Tom Vasel is a staple in the board gaming hobby, and I’m very grateful for his reviews (many of which helped me answer the question, “What comes after Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride?”). Many of us have watched his videos, with various reactions, and so this parody review of the game Troyes might strike you as funny. Don’t worry: the link is to the video on The Dice Tower’s feed, so apparently the Platonic ideal Thom Vaseline thought it was funny as well.

I'll try anything once, but my favorite games are generally middleweight Euros.

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