The Village Square: October 5, 2015


Welcome back! Thanks to everybody who sent kind words on my debut last week. I appreciate it and hope you’ll continue to tweet feedback to me @RuelGaviola. Now let’s see what’s been happening in the wonderful world of board games …

Adventure Scents
Smell Your Own Adventure
Looking to bling out your role-playing game night? Adventure Scents sells scents like Field of Battle, Dragon’s Cave, and Smoky Campfire (pictured above) to upgrade your gaming experience. Not sure if I’d want to use any smells associated with Dead of Winter or Zombicide, but a game of Tokaido using the Japanese Teahouse scent seems like a pleasant way to spend an evening. (h/t

GaMExpo: San Antonio
GaMExpo, a convention that features video games, collectibles, cosplay, and board games, is happening in San Antonio, Texas, October 9-11. Here’s a write-up about the event and its hosts, who do a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast from their home.

Best Game of Monopoly Ever
While Monopoly isn’t highly regarded by a lot of today’s board gamers, it’s an indelible part of American culture. It seems like most people are born knowing how to play it and the game played a huge part in one couple’s engagement.

Scrabble and the Brain
Researchers at the University of Calgary are using Scrabble to study the brain. Test subjects were expert and non-expert players and researchers found that the experts used different parts of their brains to play Scrabble. Researchers believe that if someone loses the ability to use the part of the brain for language, might be able to use another part to communicate, much like the experts do when playing Scrabble. Personally, I’m still searching for the part that will help me remember all of the legal two-letter words or the foods that start with the letter Q.

Hall of Fame
Every year the National Toy Hall of Fame nominates 12 finalists for induction based on four criteria: icon status, longevity, discovery, and innovation. Three games are included in this year’s list (Battleship, Jenga, and Twister) and the winners will be announced November 5th.

The Feels
I’d never used the word “adorbs” before, but it’s the only way I could describe this photo and caption posted on Humans of New York. HONY is a fantastic collection of pictures featuring everyday New Yorkers (and sometimes other cities) and their stories. This was the first time I’d seen someone discussing a game and it was adorbs. Totes adorbs, in fact.

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