The Village Square: April 3, 2017


Ah, nothing like a cruise down to Mexico for some R&R (and tons of good eats) with the missus. I’m rested, relaxed, and ready to get back to the tabletop.

Renegade Game Studios offered a preview of its upcoming Sentient, a game featuring robotic beings. It will be available this summer.

Wallace & Gromit Gaming
From W. Eric Martin’s BGG blog comes news that Fragor Games has secured the license and is producing a Wallace & Gromit game.

Into the Wind
Stonemaier Games recently announced another Scythe expansion, The Wind Gambit. According to the website, “The airship module was originally created and shared in the Scythe Facebook group by Kai Starck. Jamey read over the rules and was impressed both by what the airships added to the game and by the effort Kai had put into the expansion through writing the rules and playtesting it. So Kai, Jakub, and Jamey collaborated to hone the airship module.”

Fantasy Flight Games will be at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. In addition to demo-ing their Star Wars games, the company will host the finale of the X-Wing Open Series, the Coruscant Invitational.

Indiegogo Funding
Over at there’s a guest post by James Hudson about how Indiegogo is doing as an alternative to Kickstarter in the board game world.

Free Conan
Four new Conan scenarios are available as free downloads: Conspiracy in Khauran, Yogah’s Rebirth, Yara’s Trap, and The Cursed Mirrors. According to Asmodee, the scenarios “aren’t just a collection of rules that incorporate the new expansion figures into your games of Conan; they’re four fantastic new adventures that speak to the true nature of these strange new warriors, sorcerers, heroes, and minions.”

Laying Tile
I liked this overview of tile-based city building games on the Mechanics & Meeples website. “I love being able to put together the puzzle pieces of a city, and a good tile-based city builder lets you do that.”

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
April 7-9. Gaming Hoopla. Gurnee, Illinois.
April 7-9. Protospiel. San Jose, California.
April 22-23. QC Game Fest. Davenport, Iowa.
April 27-30. Kingdom-Con. San Diego, California.
May 12-14. CMoN Expo. Atlanta, Georgia.
May 18-21. Geekway to the West. St. Charles, Missouri.
May 25-29. Game Fest 29. Atlanta, Georgia.
May 26-29. Gamex 2017. Los Angeles, California.
May 26-29. KublaCon. San Francisco, California.
June 14-18. Origins Game Fair. Columbus, Ohio.
June 23-35. Polycon. San Luis Obispo, California.
July 5-9. Dice Tower Con. Orlando, Florida.
July 15-17. Protospiel. Manchester, Michigan.
July 22-30. World Boardgaming Championship. Champion, Pennsylvania.
July 28-30. NovaComic-Con. Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.
August 17-20. Gen Con 50. Indianapolis, Indiana.
August 25-27. Coulee Con. La Crosse, Wisconsin.
September 1-4. Gateway 2017. Los Angeles, California.
September 1-4. Pacificon Game Expo. Santa Clara, California.
September 9-10. WashingCon. Washington, D.C.
September 15-17. GrandCon. Grand Rapids, MI.
September 15-17. Protospiel. Chicago, Illinois.
October 13-15. XPO 2017. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
November 17-19. PAX Unplugged. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Visit for more convention listings.

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