The Village Square: February 12, 2018


My gaming has slowed to a standstill lately, but that doesn’t mean I stop thinking about board games.

North Star Games Launches a Happy Planet
North Star Games has launched a new game line called Happy Planet. According to, the popular Happy Salmon is the first game in the line and will be followed by Funky Chicken and Monster Match.

Asmodee Acquires Lookout and Mayfair
Asmodee has acquired Lookout Games and Mayfair Games. From W. Eric Martin’s blog on BGG: “The ANA spokesperson says, ‘We have yet to make any decisions about how we manage the Mayfair brand in the future, but Asmodee is proud to be able to bring Mayfair’s games into our portfolio.’”

Stronghold Moved and Updated
Stronghold Games has moved to Boynton Beach, Florida, hired two new employees, and updated its logo. According to Stronghold President Stephen Buonocore, “With the continuing growth of the company, it is time to add new talent with both an eye toward diversity and insider/outsider industry knowledge. We mark this moment as well with a new logo – a new representation of Stronghold Games.”

A Wrinkle In Time
Dice Tower News reports that USAopoly will be releasing Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time: A Daring Adventure Game. “Players will have to work together as a team, as the main characters in the movie, to solve skill-focused puzzles across all the STEM spheres. Some of the games are aimed at children 8+ while others are aimed at young adults and fans of party games.”

The Truth Is Out There
The ACD Distribution blog notes that The X Files: Conspiracy Theory will hit the streets on March 21st. In this 3-8 player game “players take turns as Fox Mulder as he uses the provided clues to explain his conspiracy theory to his FBI superiors.”

Racing Games
In a recent article the Mechanics & Meeples crew dove into racing games. “Racing games are the least common denominator of board games. Candyland (1949) certainly isn’t a well-respected game nor are other roll-and-move games. However, there are also plenty of modern racing eurogames which are great.”

Evolution of Dice
Over at, there’s a look at how dice design has evolved over the years. “The earliest dice can be traced back to 6000 B.C. in Mesopotamia, and were often used to tell fortunes. … It was not until the Roman Empire that the predominance of cubic dice emerged.”

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
February 16-18. Con of the North. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
February 16-19. Orccon. Los Angeles, California.
February 19-25. PrezCon. Charlottesville, Virginia.
February 23-25. Great Plains Game Festival. Lincoln, Nebraska.
February 24-25. South South Board Game Convention. Tumwater, Washington.
March 9-11. Granite Games Summit. Nashua, New Hampshire.
March 16-18. MeepleCon. Las Vegas, Nevada.
March 22-25. AdeptiCon. Schaumburg, Illinois.
March 23-25. ConnCon. Stamford, Connecticut.
March 30-April 1. Who’s Yer Con. Indianapolis, Indiana.
April 5-8. PAX East. Boston, Massachusetts.
April 19-22. Kingdom-Con. San Diego, California.
April 27-29. QC Game Fest. Davenport, Iowa.
April 27-29. Gaming Hoopla. Mundelein, Illinois.
May 4-6. Heroicon. Decatur, Illinois.
May 11-13. CMON Expo. Atlanta, Georgia.
May 17-20. Geekway to the West. St. Charles, Missouri.
May 25-28. KublaCon. Burlingame, California.
May 25-28. Gamex. Los Angeles, California.
June 1-3. NashCon. Nashville, Tennessee.
June 13-17. Origins. Columbus, Ohio.
June 24-30. Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation. Park City, Utah.
July 4-8. Dice Tower Con. Orlando, Florida.
July 12-15. HistoriCon. Fredericksburg, Virginia.
July 13-15. KantCan. Overland Park, Kansas.
July 21-29. WBC. Champion, Pennsylvania
August 2-5. GenCon. Indianapolis, Indiana.
August 24-26. MegaMooseCon. Richburg, South Carolina.
August 24-28. Coulee Con. La Crosse, Wisconsin.
August 31-September 3. Gateway 2018. Los Angeles, California.
September 14-16. GrandCon. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Visit for more convention listings.

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