The Village Square: February 22, 2016



Anyone else doing the 10×10 Challenge? My regular gaming groups play a lot of different titles each session, so I think I’ll be completing most of my challenge through solo play. So far, I’ve played two of my 10 games 10 times each.

World’s Finest Dice
Batman, Superman, and more from the DC universe are featured in DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest.

Quilting on the Go
Uwe Rosenberg’s Patchwork will be available on February 24th for iOS and Android.

Winter Is Coming
Coming soon: the first deluxe expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Wolves of the North.

A Box Full of Ninjas
Ninja All-Stars from Soda Pop Miniatures, which contains 42 fully assembled miniatures and emphasizes league play, is now available.

Epic Tyrants
The first expansion to the Epic Card Game, Tyrants, is due out next month.

Virtual Cities
The popular card game Lost Cities has been adapted into a virtual reality game and will be released next month.

Spielwarenmesse 2016 Videos
A final look at some of the games featured at Spielwarenmesse 2016.

Expanding Gen Con
Should Gen Con expand to a second location? A survey regarding that possibility has been sent out to the board gaming community.

Ready to Rumble
AlphaGo, Google’s Go-playing supercomputer, is set to play world champion Go player Lee Sedol on March 9th. The match is being compared to chess champion Garry Kasparov playing IBM’s Deep Blue.

Go No Limit
Speaking of AlphaGo, here’s a piece on how supercomputers still haven’t figured out No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. I’d suggest learning how Phil Ivey did this.

Quarter Century Later
Castle Perilous in Carbondale, Illinois, celebrates its 26th anniversary and owner Scott Thorne talks about the store’s longevity.

Game It Forward
Here’s something I’d like to see more of: a two-day gaming event will benefit students and teachers in the Fayetteville, Arkansas, area.

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
February 22-28. PrezCon 2016. Charlottesville, Virginia.
February 26-28. ConDor XXIII. San Diego, California.
February 26-28. Fire and Ice Convention. Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
March 3-5. Saltcon. Layton, Utah.
March 4-6. Tennessee Game Days. Franklin, Tennessee.
March 4-6. FallsCon 2016. Witchita Falls, Texas.
March 18-20. MACE West. Asheville, North Carolina.
March 18-20. Meeplecon. Las Vegas, Nevada.
March 18-20. MidSouthCon 34. Memphis, Tennessee.
March 18-20. Breakout Con. Toronto, Ontario. Canada.
March 31-April 3. AdeptiCon 2016. Schaumburg, Illinois.
April 1-3. ConQuest SAC. Sacramento, California.
April 1-3. Gaming Hoopla. Gurnee, Illinois.
April 9-10. Unpub Games Festival. Baltimore, Maryland.
April 22-24. Rocket City Gamefest. Huntsville, Alabama.
April 22-24. LexiCon Tabletop Gaming. Lexington, Kentucky.
April 28-May. Kingdom-Con 2016. San Diego, California.
May 19-22. Geekway to the West. St. Louis, Missouri.
May 27-30. Gamex 2016. Los Angeles, California.
June 3-5. 2D Con. Bloomington, Minnesota.
June 15-19. Origins Game Fair. Columbus, Ohio.
June 17-19. PolyCon 34. San Luis Obispo, California.
June 23-26. Texicon. Hurst, Texas.
July 6-10. Dice Tower Gaming Con V. Orlando, Florida.
August 26-28. Coulee Con 2016. La Crosse, Wisconsin.
September 2-5. Gateway 2016. Los Angeles, California.
September 24-25. Congress of Gamers. Rockville, Maryland.

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