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My wife and I recently played board games with a few of our non-gamer friends. Thanks to a fun night of Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo, and For Sale, we’ll be dropping the “non” part of the description soon.

No Sanctuary
AMC’s favorite zombie killers are featured in the new Cryptozoic miniatures game, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary. According to, the game is set to be delivered in July 2017. Created by created by veteran designers Adam and Brady Sadler (Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game), it “features unpainted 35mm PVC figures representing four heroes from the series (Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Andrea Harrison, and Daryl Dixon) as well as zombies and other rivals for the group to confront.”

Smashing Good Time
Nomad Games announced it would be bringing Alderac Entertainment Group’s Smash Up to the digital realm this Fall. “Up to four players will be able to take control of a vast array of crazy characters, from Superheroes to Monsters and Villains, and play against the AI or together with friends online or at home with pass-to-play.”

A new expansion for Dixit will be out during the fourth quarter of this year, according to Asmodee. Dixit: Revelations features “art by the French illustrator Marina Coudray, Dixit: Revelations looks utterly unlike any Dixit expansion that has preceded it. Coudray’s mysterious and enchanting images are heavily influenced by early twentieth century design, from the Art Deco movement to Surrealism, even while they convey stories and ideas that may be millennia old.”

Express News
Also coming during the fourth quarter of this year is the Colt Express: Marshalls and Prisoners expansion from Asmodee. “For the first time in Colt Express, the Marshal and Prisoners expansion gives one of the players the chance to take on the role of the marshal himself, unlocking an entirely new way to play the game.”

Chain Reaction
ACD Distribution reports that Minion Games’ The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction is coming soon. “MP: Chain Reaction is a stand-alone game based on the popular ‘Manhattan Project’ board game by Minion Games; this is a simpler card-only game using dual-purpose cards in a quick and exciting race to completion.”

Welcome Back
The push-your-luck game Welcome Back to the Dungeon is due out next month, according to ACD Distribution. “It includes four new characters and special monsters that can be used with or without Welcome to the Dungeon.”

Three from Passport
According to Dice Tower News, three new titles from Passport Game Studios will be available next month: Quartz (“a push your luck Dwarven mining game”), Mythe (another push your luck game where “heroes must adventure to the dragon’s castle to recover the Golden Sacred Cheese”), and 3 Wishes (an “18 card micro-game [where p]layers use memory, bluffing, and luck to end the game with set of three wishes.”).

Victorious Relocation
Victory Point Games announced it is relocating next year. “We will be leaving California behind when our major leases (i.e., the building and printer) are up next year, and are currently seeking a new home in a state with a more favorable business climate.”

Expanding Bang
Bang! The Dice Game – Old Saloon is an expansion that “includes five modules, which can be added to the game individually or combined with other modules. The expansion adds lethal new characters, two Saloon dice – the Loudmouth and the Coward, extra-roles, and new tokens.” reports that Old Saloon will debut at Gen Con next month.

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
July 23-24. MegaMooseCon. Richburg, South Carolina.
July 30. VladdaCon. Holliston, Massachusetts.
August 4-7. Gen Con 2016. Indianapolis, Indiana.
August 19-21. Dragonflight XXXVII. Bellevue, Washington.
August 26-28. Coulee Con 2016. La Crosse, Wisconsin.
September 1-4. Tacticon 2016. Colorado Springs, Colorado.
September 2-5. Gateway 2016. Los Angeles, California.
September 10-11. WashingCon. Washington, D.C.
September 24-25. Congress of Gamers. Rockville, Maryland.
October 15-16. RetroWorld Expo 2016. Wallingford, Connecticut.
Visit for more convention listings.

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