The Village Square: November 17, 2016



Is it just me or should every game night begin and/or end with a few rounds of Happy Salmon?

Banana Bandits
ICv2 reports that Cool Mini Or Not has acquired the rights to Banana Bandits, “an action-point based game that pits gangs of banana-hungry gorillas against each other, competing to climb a three-dimensional cardboard tower while fighting other gorillas using combinations of dice and cards to steal their coins.” It is scheduled for release during the second quarter of 2017.

Holiday Sale
Fantasy Flight Games unveiled its holiday sale yesterday, with plenty of discounted titles to choose from. The sale continues until November 28th and the company reminds customers that “many of the hottest items will sell out quickly, so be sure to head to our webstore and pick out your favorite games as soon as possible.”

Z-Man Releases
According to Dice Tower News, the Z-Man Games that will be available throughout the rest of this year are Cacao Chocolatl, Micro Robots, Carcassonne Amazonas, Pandemic The Cure: Experimental Meds, Pandemic Iberia, Nautilion, and First Class.

Doom: The Board Game hits stores next month and Fantasy Flight Games previewed how players interact in its cooperative environment and the creatures therein. “While the marines can grow and change throughout the game, picking up new weapons and abilities, demon life spans are considerably shorter, and their deaths more permanent.”

Mathematical Fluxx
Looney Labs is releasing a numerical version of its ever-popular Fluxx. “Players attempt to use whole number [sic]from their hand of cards to complete a very mathematical Goal. There is more to the game than just putting 4 and 2 together to achieve the Goal of 42, there is the ‘Plan B Meta Rule’ to consider. The ‘Plan B Meta Rule’ puts Special victory Rules into play for another way to win.” The game will be out March 9th, according to

Refugee Stories
Jeffrey Allers shared a poignant article about refugees’ stories, as told through the games they play. “I ask if they would like to play Tsuro, one of the games John and his boys sent me. They oblige, but after a few rounds, it is clear that no one wants to knock another player out of the game. We decide spontaneously to play the game cooperatively instead. We try to keep as many of us on the board as possible until the last tile is placed. The Tsuro board looks like a big puzzle that has just been completed, and we look at it for a moment with satisfaction before we go back to our pre-game conversations.”

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
November 25-27. Chessiecon. Timonium, Maryland.
January 27-29, 2017. Polar Vortex Convention. Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
February 17-20. Orccon 2017. Los Angeles, California.
February 20-26, 2017. PrezCon 2017. Charlottesville, Virginia.
April 7-9, 2017. Gaming Hoopla. Gurnee, Illinois.
May 26-29, 2017. Gamex 2017. Los Angeles, California.
September 1-4, 2017. Gateway 2017. Los Angeles, California.

Visit for more convention listings.

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