The Village Square: October 24, 2016


Talk about a bittersweet weekend: after receiving Mechs Vs Minions (and doing my first-ever unboxing video) and drafting my fantasy basketball team, the Dodgers’ season came to an end and The Walking Dead left me not wanting to watch TV anymore. I’m still stunned at how disturbing and sad the Season 7 premiere was, so I’m taking a break from TV. At least until the next episode of TWD.

Mighty Meeples
Cryptozoic partners with Diamond Comic Distributors and GTS Distribution for their Mighty Meeples figures, which will be available in December. “Diamond Comic Distributors will be distributing Mighty Meeples to comic book stores and GTS Distribution will be delivering the figures to hobby gaming stores.”

Terra Mystica App
Digidiced confirmed they are working on a digital version of Terra Mystica. They tweeted an expected release date of quarter one of 2017.

Jack Vasel Memorial Fund
The fourth annual Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction is now live. “The Fund was formed to collect and distribute financial assistance to members of the public who are part of the gaming community and who have suffered personal hardship. It is our hope and prayer that the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund will provide Jack with a legacy to help out the entire gaming community.”

Passport Updated
Passport Games incorrectly listed some of their game release dates, so they updated the dates in a recent email. Games that will be released this year and not next year as was erroneously reported include Quartz, CVlizations, Mythe, Pocket Madness, and HOP!

Playing For Food
The Play With Your Food fundraiser was a 24-hour board gaming marathon that raised “money for shelter, food and programming” at a Canadian facility. According to CBC News, the event raised over $42,000.

Andy Matthews at looked at the H-Index in board gaming. “Are you the type of gamer who plays lots of games but doesn’t play them more than a few times each? That could be an indicator that you’re always looking out for the new hotness. You’d have a correspondingly low H-Index because while you cast a wide net you don’t draw back many keepers.”

Multiplayer Culture
On Matt Thrower offered a good look at multiplayer culture as it relates to digital/physical board games, especially Splendor and Galaxy Trucker. “Rather than the free for all, the game [Galaxy Trucker] introduces a new turn based version where you pay points to draw and add tiles to your ship. It proved so good that real life players who didn’t like the dexterity element starting using it in physical games.”

W. Eric Martin writes about this year’s SPIEL and reports that convention organizer Friedhelm Merz Verlag said, “It was by far the largest and most successful SPIEL in the 34-year history of the event. 174,000 games fans and buyers (previous year 162,000) from all over the world came to see 1,021 exhibitor booths (previous year 911) from 50 different countries (previous year 41) and to negotiate license deals, as well as to view more than 1,200 of this year’s new releases.”

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
October 28-30. ConnCon (Falcon 2016). Stamford, Connecticut.
November 4-6. Carnage Royale. Killington, Vermont.
November 11-13. San Diego Historical Games Convention. San Diego, California.
November 11-13. MEPACON. Scranton, Pennsylvania.
November 11-13. MACE. Charlotte, North Carolina.
November 25-27. Chessiecon. Timonium, Maryland.
January 27-29, 2017. Polar Vortex Convention. Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Visit for more convention listings.

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