The Village Square: October 3, 2016


I was at a local retailer last week, checking out some of the Halloween decor for sale when I noticed there were a few Christmas items already on the shelves. I was too stunned to take a photo, but when I got home I thought that a How Soon Can We Start Selling Christmas Decorations board game could be a fun filler and be sold year-round to gamers.

Tasty Games
Tasty Minstrel Games announced release dates for its upcoming games: Orléans: Invasion (October 26), Ars Alchimia (BGG.Con – November 16), Ponzi Scheme (BGG.Con – November 16), and The Oracle of Delphi (BGG.Con – November 16).

Come Sail Away
W. Eric Martin previewed Splendor designer Marc Andre’s new game, Sail Away. The German branch of Hasbro plans to release it at SPIEL. Sail Away “features tiny actions that slowly build to something bigger, with players … trying to move resources off of tropical islands in order to fulfill contracts for ships, with each filled ship then providing a bonus of some sort.”

Tabletop Windowed
Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop is going to be a windowed release for its upcoming season four. It will be part of Alpha, a new subscription video network from Legendary Digital Networks featuring content from Nerdist and Geek & Sundry. According to, Tabletop will premiere on Alpha on November 2, and be available free on YouTube “early next year.” Apparently, Wil Wheaton is not happy with this new arrangement.

Rebellion on Steam
Our friends at report that HexWar Games and Academy Games have partnered to bring 1775: Rebellion to Steam, in which players “command the armies of the British Redcoats, English Loyalists, German Hessians, American Regulars, Patriots, French Regulars and Native Americans to decide the fate of the Americas.”

Delving into Descent
Coming soon from Fantasy Flight Games is The Delve, a new addition to the Road of Legend app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark. “Over the course of a single session, you and your fellow heroes will advance through an ever-changing pocket dimension, carrying out the goals given to you by the Caretaker—the ruler of this strange domain. If you can accomplish your objectives, the Caretaker will reward you with experience, loot, and your eventual freedom. But if you fail, the terrifying dark creatures trapped in this world will tear you to pieces.”

War of the Ring Pre-Order
According to, pre-orders are being taken until October 5th for the deluxe rules, strategy guide, and game board for War of the Ring: Second Edition. It will contain “extra-size War of the Ring gameboard (two boards, each 64 x 88 cm) with UV and hot foil printing, the deluxe edition of the Game Rules (56 pages), and the Strategy Companion written by Kristofer Bengtsson (104 pages). Each of the two books is hardbound, with quarterbinding in cloth paper.” It will be ready this December, at the same time as the War of the Ring Anniversary release.

Online Splendor
Players can now play multiplayer games of Splendor online, across all platforms. The Days of Wonder blog notes, “Behave with dignity and play your games until the end to increase your Karma. Disconnect in the middle of a game and your Karma will decrease. Set the minimal level of Karma required to enter your games in order to play with the most righteous players.”

Asmodee provides a closer look at combat in the upcoming Conan. “[I]t would be a great mistake to overlook the sharpness of Conan’s intellect. Similarly, for all that Conan the board game will thrust you into the thick of brawny, bloody, and fast-paced battles, there’s also much more to the Conan board game than its organic combat system.”

Uplifting Asmodee
Spotted in Asmodee’s latest news section: our very own @UpliftAndrew’s amazing pictures of game components. They sum up how people feel about his photographs: “We knew our game pieces were cool, but wow! Color us impressed.”

Monthly Guardian
The Guardian is now publishing a board games column every month. The first one features Ice Cool, Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails, Mystic Vale, and Sneaky Cards.

Dice by the Pound
Nothing to see here except one gamer’s dice collection.

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
October 8. Mid Meeple. Las Vegas, Nevada.
October 14-16. Big Bad Con. Walnut Creek, California.
October 15-16. RetroWorld Expo 2016. Wallingford, Connecticut.
October 21-23. What-Khan. Rockford, Illinois.
October 28-30. ConnCon (Falcon 2016). Stamford, Connecticut.
November 4-6. Carnage Royale. Killington, Vermont.
November 11-13. San Diego Historical Games Convention. San Diego, California.
November 11-13. MEPACON. Scranton, Pennsylvania.
November 25-27. Chessiecon. Timonium, Maryland.

Visit for more convention listings.

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