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To all of you celebrating Halloween, may your day be filled with more treats than tricks. Speaking of treats, here’s one for my fellow Stranger Things fans.

Gekido and Kronia
From Dice Tower News comes word that Cool Mini Or Not has announced two games for 2017. First is the dice-chucking Gekido, “a retheme of a game from a couple years ago by the same name, this time though instead of battling dragons, you are battling robots. In the game each character has dice to represent their life, and they also have dice that they will roll each round to try and attack the other players.” Second is Kronia, “a simultaneous selection game where you are trying to be selected as the new ruler of the nation through gaining favor among the gods.”

Build and Paint
More from Dice Tower News: Games Workshop is releasing a series of Build and Paint sets. “Each box will come with one or more models, plastic glue, a paint brush, paint, and decals for you to build and paint all the models in the box. Series 1 will contain figures from the Space Marines and the Space Orcs.”

Dice Hate Me
According to, three new games from Dice Hate Me will have titles that “are combination jokes and playable games designed to poke fun at some of the more common game mechanics.” Look for these games this December: Time Management: The Time Management Game, Trick-Taking: The Trick-Taking Game, and Traitor Mechanic: The Traitor Mechanic Game.

Duel Gods
Asmodee previewed the gods available in the upcoming 7 Wonders: Duel expansion, Pantheon, that “enables you and your opponent to earn the favor of deities from five ancient cultures, transforms the gameplay of Age III by replacing Guilds with Grand Temples, and introduces new Wonders and Progress tokens.”

Tokyo Game Market
W. Eric Martin previewed the Tokyo Game Market, which includes games such as Final Deathweek, and Tatara, Field, and Forest.

Past, Present, and Future
Adam’s Boardgame Wales gave a video overview of board games and what the ongoing consolidation by Asmodee means to the industry.

Military Might
Fantasy Flight Games offered an early look at the Red Cards of the Star Wars: Destiny: “[Y]ou’ll find an entire faction devoted to the military forces of the Star Wars saga, including admirals, ace pilots, and skilled soldiers, as well as the tactics they use on the battlefield.” Star Wars: Destiny is now available for pre-orders.

Pandemic Interview
Our friends at interviewed Pandemic designer Matt Leacock. “The idea for Pandemic Legacy first came up when I was visiting Z-man in Montréal in 2012. We threw around ideas for a Pandemic dice game (which later became Pandemic: The Cure), a card game, and briefly considered a Pandemic ‘legacy’ game.”

As a fan of solo gaming, it’s nice to see Cool Mini Or Not discussing solo variants to three of their cooperative games: Zombicide, The Grizzled, and XenoShyft: Onslaught. “Solo gaming gives people the option to continue to play even if they’re enjoying a night on their own.”

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
November 4-6. Carnage Royale. Killington, Vermont.
November 11-13. San Diego Historical Games Convention. San Diego, California.
November 11-13. MEPACON. Scranton, Pennsylvania.
November 11-13. MACE. Charlotte, North Carolina.
November 25-27. Chessiecon. Timonium, Maryland.
January 27-29, 2017. Polar Vortex Convention. Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
April 7-9, 2017. Gaming Hoopla. Gurnee, Illinois.
Visit for more convention listings.

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