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I received this press release from John Warren of Custom Game Lab:

Let’s Make Custom Dice Together

My name is John Warren, and I’d like to introduce Custom Game Lab, a company focused on making game customization easier and more affordable.

On April 8th, we’re launching a Kickstarter project to make customized dice available to the masses. We have several examples of dice that can easily be created through our project, but even more exciting than the designs we’ve created are the designs YOU can now create.

Our website will be loaded with thousands of stock graphics to use in your designs and which can be edited right in your browser. Of course, you’re also free to use your own graphics and/or software and upload to our site. Once you’ve designed your dice, you have the option of making them available for others to order. That way even non-designers can pick out their own awesome dice – and the original designer gets rewarded when their design is purchased. We expect to have hundreds of unique custom designs available very quickly, each one with the ability to be further customized with the available color options.

Our initial goal is to buy a laser engraver and enough dice and supplies to fulfill pledge rewards for all of our backers. But as we hit additional stretch goals, we want to expand by offering full color printing as well as additional styles of dice to engrave on.

We’ve got a lot of other products in mind which we can help you customize for a richer gaming experience, and we’re excited to share those with you too. But we’re starting with custom dice, so funding this project is the first step in bringing the Custom Game Lab into reality.

Kickstarter Page:

Custom Game Lab website:




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