Golden Geek Nominee Set to Be Published Later This Year


I received this press release from LudiCreations: is the biggest board game site in the world, so it’s not surprising that awards given out by its members are highly acclaimed!

LudiCreations has announced that they are proud that Pocket Imperium by David J. Mortimer, newly-minted Golden Geek nominee, is under development and will be published as their first compact game. Pocket Imperium is scheduled for release in October 2014 at the Spiel fair in Essen, Germany. This next generation space 4X microgame is currently nominated for a Golden Geek, in the Print and Play category.

“Pocket Imperium being recognised as a great print and play game shows how good it really is. If you play a game with homemade printouts and it’s still brilliant, you know the game is exceptional. We are going to take this already wonderful game and take it to the next level! ” – LudiCreations

“I’ve always been a fan of science fiction themed 4X games such as Twilight Imperium and Throne world but I never seem to have enough time to play them. So I set myself the challenge of designing a microgame version of these, playable in less than an hour.” – Designer David J. Mortimer

It’s no surprise then that this game has been called a fast playing Twlight Imperium, a compact Eclipse and the next “small thing” in 4X gaming. Here are some examples of the Board Game Geek buzz surrounding this game:

“This clever ‘Good Little Game’ has all the feel of a space epic, but wrapped up in a small and simple package and plays in a fraction of the time!” – User name (Certain Death)

“I like this game! ‘Reading’ other players as you simultaneously select your actions for the round is my favourite element of Pocket Imperium… This is the strength of Pocket Imperium: simple rules that hide deeper gameplay” – User name (Royboy_9)

“Really enjoy this. Genuinely gives the feel of an epic game in a small space.” – User name (Wn1492)

If you like epic space 4X games, but don’t get to play then as often as you’d like, keep an eye out for Pocket Imperium which will be on Kickstarter summer 2014.

For more information you can check out the print and play version here: and If you are a member of you can vote for the current Gold Geek Awards here:

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