Hans im Glück to crowdfund new edition of Saint Petersburg


I received this press release from Hans im Glück:

The crowdfunding of Saint Petersburg starts at 21st March 2014. Publisher Hans im Glück dedicates eight cards to outstanding members of the international board game community. Voting starts now.

In three weeks, the new Saint Petersburg project is going to start at the european crowdfunding site The game is a re-release of the classic board game with the same name from the publisher Hans im Glück. Based on numerous fan requests the company starts its first crowdfunding project. The new edition will feature components for a fifth player, a new game phase as well as redesigned artwork and rulebook. The fans could already vote the new color of the cover, which will be teal (see picture). Now they can decide the appearance of eight ‘aristocrats’ from the game.

Publisher Hans im Glück dedicates 8 cards of Saint Petersburg to outstanding members of the international board game community. Who is to be decided by you. Which personalities are the most important members of the international board game community? Until the 26th March you can vote for artists, designers and other personalities like bloggers or journalists.

You can nominate your favorites here:

Starting 26th March all suggestions are collected and the most mentioned names can be voted for in one final poll, when the person is consent.

I'll try anything once, but my favorite games are generally middleweight Euros.

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