The Village Square: April 28, 2016



Whether you’re participating in International Tabletop Day, playing with your usual gaming group, or just decide to play a game or two, I hope your Saturday is fun and fulfilling. And if it isn’t then, hey, least you’re not at work, right?

Land, Air, and Sea
Tiny Epic Series designer Scott Almes and Gamelyn Games announced their next project, Heroes of Land, Air & Sea. It will be Kickstarted January 26, 2017, and promises to be “a 4X-style board game with miniatures that tells the epic tale of orcs vs. humans, dwarves vs. elves, battling kingdoms, and the individuals who turn the tides of war.”

Trick of the Rails
Terra Nova will release Trick of the Rails, a game by Hisashi Hayashi. It’s based on the “rise of the American railway period… [and]combines 18XX-like portfolio management and trick-taking.”

New Jack
Coming soon: a new edition of the ever-popular Mr. Jack, the “classic game of deduction and deception” featuring players acting as Jack and trying to escape the police or becoming one of the detectives trying to track down the criminal.

Magical D&D
The multiverses of Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons meet up in Plane Shift: Zendikar, “a sort of supplement to The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Zendikar, designed to help you take the world details and story seeds contained in that book and turn them into an exciting D&D campaign.”

NSKN Games announced its new imprint, Strawberry Studio, and three new games on the publishing schedule: 3 Wishes, Crazy 5, and Mistfall (a standalone expansion for Mistfall?).

Finally Pathfinder
The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game has finally arrived in the App Store and the Play Store.

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
April 28-May 1. Kingdom-Con 2016. San Diego, California.
April 29-May 1. Game Days 2016. Parkville, Maryland.
April 29-May 1. Board Games at the Beach. Wilmington, North Carolina.
April 30. Connecticut Festival of Indie Games. Southington, Connecticut.
April 30. Concatenation Convention. Jackson, Michigan.
May 14. FlaMinGoCon. West Palm Beach, Florida.
May 14. Granite Game Summit. Nashua, New Hampshire.
May 19-22. Geekway to the West. St. Louis, Missouri.
May 27-30. Gamex 2016. Los Angeles, California.
June 3-5. 2D Con. Bloomington, Minnesota.
June 15-19. Origins Game Fair. Columbus, Ohio.
June 17-19. PolyCon 34. San Luis Obispo, California.
June 23-26. Texicon. Hurst, Texas.
June 24-26. RAGECON 2016. Sparks, Nevada.
July 6-10. Dice Tower Gaming Con V. Orlando, Florida.
July 23-24. MegaMooseCon. Richburg, South Carolina.
August 26-28. Coulee Con 2016. La Crosse, Wisconsin.
September 2-5. Gateway 2016. Los Angeles, California.
September 10-11. WashingCon. Washington, D.C.
September 24-25. Congress of Gamers. Rockville, Maryland.
October 15-16. RetroWorld Expo 2016. Wallingford, Connecticut.

Visit for more convention listings.

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