9 Things Only Ticket to Ride Would Understand



Life isn’t all fun and games just because you’re a board game.  These are all things that only you would understand… if you happen to be Ticket to Ride, the board game.

1. Never leaving the USA

from user joakim589 on boardgamegeek
from user joakim589 on boardgamegeek

But your cousin, Ticket to Ride: Europe, gets to travel to all sorts of exotic, historical cities and of course they tweet about it all the time

 2. Sitting on the shelf

People don’t sit on a shelf. Board games do.

C’mon, you’re like the second most popular modern hobby game of all time. Who has time for shelf-sitting at yet HERE YOU ARE


 3. Being less recognizable than Settlers of Catan


Settlers is so 1990’s, share the spotlight a little bit would ya?


 4. Being named after a Beatles song

Who even are these guys? (source:
Who even are these guys? (source:

Do kids these days even know who the Beatles are?


 5. Sitting on Target shelves before it was cool


YOU WERE HERE FIRST. Now it’s getting crowded.


 6. Not Hanging Out With Other Train Games

Too cool for TtR (source:
Too cool for TtR (source:

18XX? Empires Builder? TRAINS? Where is everybody?


 7. iPads

Robot trains!
Robot trains!

It’s pretty sweet to hang out on one of the coolest devices around, but it sure can get lonely


 8. 1910


Seriously. No one else spends time in 1910


 9. Alvin & Dexter

When I play ticket to ride I always think "man I wish there was a dinosaur in this game"
When I play ticket to ride I always think “man I wish there was a dinosaur in this game”

No. Just… no.


 10. Being a eurogame with plastic minis

This is some apocalypse-level stuff going on
This is some apocalypse-level stuff going on

I don’t even know what to think anymore

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    • Nice!

      I lived in Indiana when they made the change to DST. The big debate was how to remain in the Eastern time zone, integrate DST, and retain residents who commute to Chicago. Their solution? Part of the state (at least at the time) was in the central time zone. I attended a wedding in one time zone and the wedding reception in another. All of this to say, Chicago’s pull certainly extends to Indiana. 🙂

      • I remember we found that out the first time we drove through Indiana when I was a kid for some sports tournament. We asked a local what time zone indiana was in to see what time it was. They said, “Well sometimes it is Central and sometimes it is Eastern, since we don’t observe DST.” I thought it was the strangest thing at the time. Haha.

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