Pandemic Legacy is Coming!


Okay guys, I normally don’t post press release stuff, since it gets rehashed all across the internet from places you most likely hear from first. But I’m really excited about this one, so… you’re getting it from us, too.

Pandemic: Legacy, in case you hadn’t heard of it, is a Legacy version of the popular Z-Man Games’ Pandemic. Over the course of 12 months you will play up to 24 games, each game having a big effect on the following games. Cities will get destroyed, characters will gain experience as well as scars, cards will get ripped apart, new packs of cards will be opened.

Z-Man just released photos of the game’s components, which you can see on BoardGameGeek here:

Looks deadly, terrifying, and… well, very exciting! I’m excited. Are you excited? Hopefully we can get our hands on a copy so we can give you our non-spoilery review of the game when it is available.

In case you weren’t excited enough, here’s a video trailer for the game:



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