The Village Square: August 31, 2017


Make sure to check out Wolfie’s stream of post-GenCon50 recaps of many of the show’s big hits, popular releases, enticing previews and otherwise amazing hot takes! He has been, and will be, posting multiple wrap ups every day until he’s covered everything…or his fingers fall off! You can see them all here in our own little version of GenCon Central.

And speaking of GenCon50…
In case you missed the official announcement, the show released it’s hardcore numbers for the milestone convention.  We all heard about the event being sold out for the first time ever.  Turnstile attendance was 207,979 – an approximate 4% increase from 2016. Moving into Lucas Oil Stadium, the convention targeted about 60,000 unique visitors, attracted over 500 exhibitors, sold 19,000 ticketed events and raised over $26,000 for local charity Child Advocates!

The Skye’s the Limit
Mayfair Games is set to release the first big expansion to the 2016 Kennerspiel des Jahres winner Isle of Skye.  Journeyman adds personal player boards to track progress that affects game play, as well as the namesake journeyman pawn which travels around to activate certain tiles.

Roll and…um…roll
Pandasaurus Games is now taking pre-orders for their intriguing Coaster Park, where you compete for actual 3D pieces to construct a roller coaster on which you must roll a marble through its entire track!

Munchkin goes collectible
Wasn’t it always? Maybe. But now Steve Jackson Games has announced the release schedule for the new Munchkin Collectible Card Game, from heavy-hitters Kevin Wilson, Eric Lang and John Kovalic. The first three boxed starter sets, each uniquely themed, will be available February 2018. The first and second cycle of randomized boosters will then be out in May and August, respectively.

Shorter isn’t always better
But longer necessarily isn’t, either! This article from a design perspective examines when a game might be better off cutting superfluous – or other – elements. How do you decide and what do you cut out?

What makes a real science fiction game?
Shannon Appelcline with Mechanics and Meeples examines what makes for genuine sci-fi settings and themes with a look at popular uses of the genre in popular titles.

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
September 1-4. Gateway 2017. Los Angeles, California.
September 1-4. Pacificon Game Expo. Santa Clara, California.
September 8-10. Hascon. Providence, R.I.
September 9-10. WashingCon. Washington, D.C.
September 15-17. GrandCon. Grand Rapids, MI.
September 15-17. Protospiel. Chicago, Illinois.
October 6-8. TsunamiCon. Wichita, Kansas.
October 6-8. CinCityCon. Cincinnati, Ohio.
October 7-8. Congress of Gamers. Rockville, Maryland.
October 13-15. XPO 2017. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
October 13-15. ConnCon/FallCon. Stamford, Connecticut.
November 17-19. PAX Unplugged. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Visit for more convention listings.

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